Egg Grapefruit Diet

There are several types of diet that have become household names, such as the ‘cabbage soup’ diet and the ‘Atkins’ diet. Another quite popular name, although perhaps not quite a household one is the egg grapefruit diet. There many variations on this diet, as there are for most, so we are going to explain to you the mechanics behind why it works and allow you to create your own DIY egg grapefruit diet to suit you.

The egg and grapefruit diet doesn’t involve you only eating eggs and grapefruits for days on end. While that might cause you to lose weight and fast, it is not a healthy way of doing it and it doesn’t include all the nutrients your body needs daily. The egg and grapefruit diet is so called because you will eat grapefruit and egg with every meal and snack. Drinking is also an essential part of this diet and apart from the grapefruit juice that you may choose to drink instead of eating half a grapefruit should join 8 glasses of water a day. Alternatively you can drink green and herbal teas, but make sure you add no sugar, milk or honey.

You should start every meal off with either half a grapefruit, or a glass of grapefruit juice (preferably ruby). If you take prescription medication of any kind then don’t take it for 45 minutes before or after your grapefruit juice as grapefruit juice has been clinically proven to interfere with certain drugs. For breakfast you can follow this up with all or a combination of the following: dry wholegrain bread or toast, one slice. One medium sized egg (cooked any way apart from frying. If you like it scrambled then use skimmed milk) and coffee or tea with no sugar, sweetener or milk.

Snacks are designed to keep you well fed between meals, but on this diet they are very low calorie. Egg yolks have more calories than the whites so you should separate four eggs from their yolks every morning for snacks later on in the day. You can have two between breakfast and lunch and another two between lunch and dinner, cooked however you like. We understand that this is not the most appetizing of snacks, so you can accompany it with an apple, or a dry piece of bread/toast again.

Lunch and dinner are interchangeable, with a choice of either salad and mixed vegetables, but only one of these meals should involve egg. Salads taste a bit bland so by all means dress it with some olive oil mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Another meal possibility is 110g (0.25lbs) of any kind of fish or meat, either baked in the oven or fried in a little olive oil. You can steam any kind of vegetable you choose (go very sparingly on the potatoes, mind!) and eat as many of them as you like. Steaming is the most healthy way to eat vegetables, apart from leaving them raw of course.

Feel free to try the egg grapefruit diet out for, but don’t exceed more than two weeks. You may lose up to 1 or 2 lbs per day so prolonged weight loss of this caliber is not recommended. With that said, the egg and grapefruit diet is an astoundingly healthy and filling one, considering how well it works!

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