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For young women and men across the country, prom night will be one of the most memorable nights of their lives. It’s the night where they celebrate the end of one stage of their lives and embrace the next. The girls feel like princesses and the boys get this day to truly be the knights in shining armor. While the thought is simple enough, planning for prom is not always as simple. Teenagers spend days if not weeks in preparing themselves by finding the right date, the right dress or tux, the right makeup/hair stylist. An even detail like finding the right flowers is also matters.

The guys will buy their dates corsages and the girls will buy their dates flowers for boutonnieres. This is easier said than done. Before one can purchase these flowers, everything else has to be in order, right from the color of the tie to the color of the prom dress.

For women, the wrist corsage is the perfect touch to finish off the entire look. It’s symbolic of the event and also a great looking piece of accessory. Guys should already know what their date is wearing before they pick out a corsage since it is an important quality. The following steps should be considered when buying flowers for prom:

• Talk to your date: Assuming you have a date for the day, talk to him or her and let them know what kind of clothes you are wearing as well as the colour of the outfit so the flowers can coordinate. It is also wise to speak to your date and tell them about the kinds of flowers you like so you aren’t completely surprised on prom night. Always consider your dates attire and tastes when buying flowers.

• Order early: It is important to order the flowers well in advance so as not to allow any sort of delay or mishap from happening on the day of the event. This means placing the order at least 2 weeks before D-Day.

• Look around: Flowers are an important part of any event. Don’t be hasty when making a decision about them. They don’t have to be a very expensive part of the prom festivities. Look around and allow yourself to find the perfect flowers that will make both you and your date happy.

• Reflection of your personality: Ultimately, the flowers you carry with you on your prom night should be a reflection of your personality. Ensure that both your date and florist know just what you are like. Choose appropriate flowers. Whether they are roses, orchids or carnations, ensure that they suit the dress and person who will be wearing it.

Any prom cannot be so without an adequate amount of flowers whether it is part of the decoration or part of your dates arm. Give importance to your flowers like you would give on your attire. After all, the flowers are just as symbolical to the whole event as they are important as a traditional means of dressing.

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