What Causes Underarm Sweating?

Underarm sweating is one of the natural processes of the body. Everyone would have noticed underarm sweating at some point. There are sweat glands located in the underarms and when the body temperature reaches a level then these glands start producing sweat. The main purpose of release of underarm sweat is to cool the body. Without the sweat getting released, our body would become a furnace and lead to some fatal consequences.

Though underarm sweating is a normal phenomenon, there are many people who face the problem of abnormal sweating. Such people are diagnosed with hyperhydrosis, where the excessive sweating cannot be brought under control. Regardless of the number of products or medications that they would have used, controlling this problem is difficult and they still keep sweating profusely.

The first thing that you need to understand is that the problem of hyperhydrosis is not gender specific. There are many people both male and female who suffer from this problem. If you are a person who is physically active, then your sweating is a natural for you to bring down your body temperature because of the heat that is generated as a result of the strenuous physical activity. But, there are many people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and still sweat a lot. This is because of the apocrine and the eccrine glands in the underarms. While eccrine glands produce the clear sweat, which is usually odorless, the apocrine gland produces the thick sweat and this gives the faulty odor, which often is also a cause of embarrassment.

Hyperhydrosis is a typical problem that can be serious and needs to be diagnosed and treated. Under normal conditions, the hypothalamus regulates the generation of sweat. The organ is responsible for sending signals to the sweat glands to produce sweat. In case of hyperhydrosis, the glands do not work in accordance to the signal sent, and hence result is excessive sweating.

There are a number of ways in which this condition can be treated. Usually, natural treatment is recommended. These days, people are also going in for surgery to control hyperhydrosis. There are many specialists that recommend endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, which is a surgical process. The process interferes with the sympathetic nerves to provide signals to the glands to produce sweat. This however does not have an effect on the surrounding organs or nerves. A common side effect of this procedure can be compensatory sweating on the tights, leg, and abdomen or back of the person. On a long-term basis, this can prove to be harmful and would need medical attention later.

It is better for people with underarm sweating problem to try the natural processes to overcome this condition. If the problem is not very bad then you can try using underarm sweat pads, use a good deodorant or sweat control roller. These can help you at least stay away from the odor and keep yourself clean. If the problem is persistent then it is better to meet a medical practitioner.

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  1. Jawwad Reply
    April 5, 2012 at 4:18 am

    My Mother told me Potassium Alum is very useful for underarms sweating. I am practicing on it and my Mother's advice save my money on costly deodorants.

    I love you Mom!

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