Shaving Techniques for Men

Shaving is a part of basic good grooming for most men. There are men who shave using modern devices such as electric razors while others go for the old fashioned way of using razor blades. Sometimes, accidents happen like minor cuts, nicks and burning on the face. Whatever shaving tools they prefer, men must learn the proper techniques to shave to avoid hurting their faces while shaving.

In the morning, wait for at least twenty minutes before shaving. This lessens puffiness of the face. It is better to take a shower first before shaving. This ensures that your beard is thoroughly wet enough to shave. If you don’t want to take a shower, you can put on a warm moistened towel to your face for a few minutes.

Avoid shaving a cold or dry face as this will cause shaving accidents like cuts, rash or razor burn. Use a quality shaving cream rich in lubricants and moisturizers. Leave on for at least a minute before shaving. This makes the beard soft and wet for easy shaving.

A shaving brush is one of the best shaving tools you can use to achieve optimum shaving. It can do the closest shaving to your face because it raises the hair; it can make a creamy lather that sticks close to the skin and it can exfoliate – remove dead skin cells on the face. You just have to make sure that its bristles are soft enough to make a creamy lather, yet resistant enough to raise the beard for closer shaving. You can use the shaving brush by applying the shaving cream in circular motion on the face and doing an upward stroke to lift the beard up for easier shaving.

Remember to use razor blades that are of good quality and sharp enough to make shaving easy. These blades can be changed as soon as they become dull. It would be good to rinse your blades under hot water before shaving and also after doing a few times of shaving to remove excess shaving cream, hair and dead skin. This helps lubricate the blade after a few times of being used.

The razor blade should be used properly by shaving first on the sides, then the moustache area and finally the chin area. Allow some time for the shaving cream to soften the hair on the chin for easy shaving. Be gentle when you shave and let the razor do the work for you.

If you like to use disposable razor blades, you must also use some shaving cream or gel to soften the beard. You can choose between a regular one blade and two blade disposable razors if you want closer shaving to your face. You also have to shave gently passing 3 or 4 times over the hair to get the desired results.

As for electric shaving, remember to keep the blade clean all the time, and it should be free from rust and hair residue. Use some shaving cream to shave well. The electric razor blade is good enough to use to avoid rash, burn and cuts.

After shaving, clean face with cool water and use an after shave moisturizer. This soothes the skin and refreshes it as well. Choose facial moisturizers especially made for men to get that complete after-shaved clean cut look.

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