Types of Heart Rate Monitors

Heart monitor is the one that monitors the rate of the heart beat. In addition to clinical applications, heart rate monitor helps to assess the amount of calories you have burnt during a workout, an invaluable use for those who are very keen on losing weight. There are a wide variety of heart rate monitors that vary in their functionality. Read on to know the varieties of heart rate monitors and their applications.

Heart rate monitor that is strapped to the chest: This is the most accurate heart rate monitor as it remains very close to the heart. The monitor is strapped to the chest region with the help of appropriate support and is linked to a display unit which displays the rate of the heart beat. The display unit can be a simple monitor that is placed in a wrist watch. It signals by giving a beep sound when the heart rate crosses certain limit. This can be said as a very simple type of heart rate monitor. There are many other sophisticated varieties that give an account of the heart rate at regular intervals with the help of a stop watch.

Pulse type monitor: This type of heart rate monitor gives the rate of the heart beat when a finger is placed on it. The drawback of this type of monitor is that it is not possible to obtain constant readings. And, another drawback is that they do not give accurate results all the time. For example, if your fingers are very cold then there is a chance for false readings.

Heart rate monitors are available in a variety of brands. There are models that are inbuilt within sports watches, gym equipment such as treadmills. Some of the popular sports watches with heart rate monitors include Reebok, Nike, Polar, Mio and a lot more. Among the sports watches, there are different varieties that fit the type of workouts you practice. They include the running heart rate monitor which gives the heart rate while doing the workouts. Another type is the cycling heart rate monitor. This is more sophisticated than the basic running heart rate monitor. In addition to displaying the rate of heart beat, it also displays other details such as the calories burnt. They also have options to view Google site maps, and they can even be connected to the bicycle so as to know information such as the number of miles covered and speed of cycling. With the help of these details you can adjust the rate of cycling as per your heart rate and number of calories burnt. If you are young and energetic and wish to burn more number of calories then you can increase the cycling speed until the heart rate is within safe limits.

I hope the above information eases your selection of heart rate monitor. Check for the features of the monitor, the price and the display unit. It is essential to purchase a heart rate monitor with a perfect display system that enables to read the readings very easily.

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