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Today, we see that people in any sort of job spend most of their time in their computers. It is quite common that a great number of people who work in front of the computer sit with poor postures that cause certain health problems in long run. For this reason, it is essential that you learn the correct posture while working in your computer with some relaxing exercises.

When you’re infront of the computer you always lean forward as you are very concentrated on what you are looking and forget about your posture. This will lead to shoulder and neck problems. To overcome this, it is essential that you sit straight and your computer screen is at an appropriate height. It is essential that the screen and your eyes are at same height or the screen can be at a bit lower height. The chair and the computer table should be at appropriate height. If the screen is above the level of your eyes then you will have to raise your neck which causes neck to get stuck in that position. If you are using a laptop then make appropriate arrangements to get the required height.

Even if you follow the above said measures, it is possible to have posture problems. To avoid such problems cultivate the habit to move once every hour. One simple exercise that you can practice right at your seat is to raise your chin and look at the roof while inhaling and to bend the chin towards the chest while exhaling. Practice this exercise for about four to five breaths makes your neck and shoulder muscles get relaxed. Even a simple stretching exercise with neck movements helps to relieve the stress caused by poor postures. It is important that you do not remain stuck in one position for more than twenty minutes.

Another body that gets stressed when you sit in front of the computer is the wrist point of your hands. If your job involves long hours of typing, then it is essential that your keyboard is in an appropriate position for typing. This has to be taken care especially if you have a laptop. If you place your hands in an uncomfortable position for very long hours then you will hurt your fingers and wrist and in some cases the entire hand might be painful.

Poor computer postures also result in lower back and hip problems. To overcome such problems it is essential that you sit straight and if needed make appropriate cushion arrangements. It is recommended to walk for at least two to three minutes once in every hour. This will not only be helpful to your back but also to your knees and ankles.

Apart from the health problems, poor postures create a wrong impression about you to other people. They may get a feeling that you bend yourself out of laziness or you raise your head as you have poor vision. Thus, to avoid health hazards that occur due to poor postures and to have good social image it is essential that you learn correct postures when you sit infront of a computer. Good postures also help to improve your concentration and also the work output.

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