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Just as we take care of the new born babies, it is essential to take great care of the new puppies. They have to be taken care in various aspects such as the brand of the puppy food being fed, quantity of the food being fed, the liquid diet and various other factors. If you are raising your first puppy, then you can find some help in this article.

If you have brought a new puppy to your home, then you have to know certain details before you bring it home. Details that are to be known include the type of the food for the puppy to be fed, type of milk whether cow’s milk or buffalo milk, amount of the food being served per each serving and the quantity of the water being given. Last but not the least to be known is the treats that are being served to the puppy.

After knowing all the details, make sure to keep everything ready at home. If the brand of food the puppy is being fed currently is not available in your area, manage to get some food. Now, slowly shift the puppy to the new food. The shifting process has to be done very slowly over a period of two weeks. Initially, feed the puppy with a mixture of 75 percent of old food and 25 percent of the new food. Slowly increase the proportion of the new food, if the puppy is healthy and responding well to the new diet. However, reduce the portion of the new food if the puppy shows symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting. In such cases, give the puppy the needed time to adjust to the new food. Do not rush it. Diarrhea results in nutritional deficiencies which will ruin the health of the puppy. Hence, take great care during the shifting process.

Next factor to be taken care is the quantity of the food being served. Never serve too much of food to the puppy. It may result in overweight. Never get into the serving size given at the back of the food packs. Some puppies require less while some need more than the specified amount. The amount you serve should depend on your puppy’s requirements.

Coming to the treats, never over feed the puppy with junk treats. Puppies are in a growth spurt and hence, their nutritional demands are very high. If you feed them more amounts of junk foods they reduce the amount of nutritious diet you feed. The amount of food you serve as treat should not be more than their 10 percent of their overall requirement.

Pet owners generally prefer to serve solid food for their pets. Thus, it is essential to serve sufficient amount of water for proper digestion. Puppies need more amount of water. Make it a habit to serve sufficient amount of water immediately after having meals. Never serve less amount of water with a fear of your puppy staining your carpet. To avoid such problems, train the puppy effectively.

Learning the facts while feeding the new puppy will give an opportunity to grow into a healthy doggy which will be a great partner for the morning time jog.

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