Lip Piercing Dangers

Not much attention is given to the harmful effect of lip piercing. Your body and teeth may suffer a lot of hazardous effect because of lip piercing. This is as serious as the tongue piercing; many have been ignoring the bad effects of lip piercing without realizing the impact of it. Lip piercing may cause infection. It can also damage your teeth as well. The most common problem about lip piercing is it affects the gums.

When a metal is inserted on your lip it will come in contact with your gums tissues. When this contact happens your gum may recede. Your teeth have larger chances to decay as this contact happens. In addition to this, it can be very painful. Your gums hide the root of your teeth. These roots hold your teeth nerve endings as the gums recedes your nerves will be left exposed to all bacteria within the mouth.

These exposed nerves will increase it sensitivity to heat and cold temperature inside the mouth. It may also result in inability of the teeth to grind foods. These problems can be easily corrected if given an attention.

One of good news about it is that the recede gums can actually be corrected. This requires surgery of the gum. The problem with this procedure is that the recede gums may comeback unless the lip piercing is being taken off. In some cases of multiple piercing around the mouth the same scenario can just become worse. It may require a larger gum repair.

Lip piercing cannot actually chip a tooth because the piercing is in the outside part of the mouth. They are capable of being infected because they are in the outside world. Less metal could not mean that food cannot lodge on the in the lip piercing hole. Once a piece of food is lodge on the lip piercing hole it may trigger a lot of infection. When infection gets in the way, it will definitely cause you too much trouble.

Another risk is lip piercing can still affect the tooth that may cause tear in the hole. This tear can increase the chances that the piercing will be infected. Make sure to always clean your lip piercing if you do not want to take it off. The most basic way of cleaning a lip piercing is by soap and water. Do this at least twice a day to avoid infection. You can use a cotton swab or ball to be able to clean the entire area and all stuff around the piercing.

Another effective way of cleaning a lip piercing is by the use of sea salt. Prepare a cup of warm water a teaspoon about a quarter of sea salt. Again, a cotton swab is the best tool to get in the area and clean the pierce site. There is also a new product out in the market called H20cean. Many says that it is great product or cleaning your lip piercing but it is much costly than sea salt, soap and water.


  1. There should be more articles out there like this one! Kudos to you!

  2. Once your gum tissue has receded, there is nothing you can do to get it back. It does not go up and down, only down. Other than that a good article.

  3. I'm glad I don't have any piercings of any kind, and I have looked on in horror as my cousin's teeth fell victim to her lip piercings. Lip piercings are among the most unsightly (utterly hideous, to be honest) of piercings, though the other types aren't far behind. I also knew a girl in middle-school who lost her sense of taste as a result of a tongue stud, and her lip rings resulted in the loss of several of her teeth (not that I cared much, seeing as I'd stopped hanging out with her after she got her eyebrow pierced). I've been researching the signs of piercing-induced tooth decay so that if I meet someone who I can tell used to have an oral piercing, I can mock them by first explaining how I knew about it (Sherlock Holmes style) and then question them Hannibal Lector style! "I see you used to have a piercing in your lower lip! Why is that? Did you have a friend in high school who convinced you to get one, or did you do so of your own accord in an attempt to express some sort of 'individuality'?…"

    1. Wau. So judgmental and negative. I hope life will be kind to you and you will not have to learn the hard way what it means to make (any) mistakes and learn by them!

  4. Not a very good article, some things were ok and accurate but others were wrong like the soap and water thing. If you wash it out with soap and water twice a day you can actually get an infection from over cleaning it. The soap and water should only be done once every two days when you're showering with an antibacterial or mild soap to not irritate or cause infection. Also never use a cotton swab unless wet so the fibers don't get stuck on the piercing and cause an infection same goes for the Cotton ball only use a clean new paper towel or tissue. The water and salt rinse should be done 5-8 times a day depending on how much you eat when the piercing is still fresh which can be from 2 months to 6 months depending on how well the person heals. And as for the food getting stuck in your lip hole not possible. In the beginning if you eat certain foods your lip may swell or get infected if not rinsed after a spicy, sour, too salty or sweet meal. As well as smoking and drinking. After the lip piercing has completely healed you don't have to worry about rinsing your mouth out after every meal. Food doesn't get stuck or goes inside your lip hole no matter the size of the metal they put in your lips unless that person gets a 10 gauge or below then once the piercing is taken our food can go in and through the hole same with liquids. But unless you're deliberately pushing food inside your lip hole food can't get stuck in there no matter what you eat or drink. Other than that make sure you're checking all the research you're doing instead of putting your opinions and make sure it's legit research.

    1. Thank you for valued and researched impartial input.

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