Adult Diarrhea Causes

Diarrhea is commonly attacking children. Adults can also suffer from diarrhea because negligence. It’s a watery stool which commonly occurs more than three times a day. Usually, diarrhea stops even without proper treatment. Prolong diarrhea attack maybe a sign of worse health problems.

Patients with diarrhea can pass for about a quart of stool a day. Diarrhea can also cause dehydration and weakness to a person. It decreases the water content of the body as person releases a lot of stool a day. Water comes out together with the stool and it causes severe dehydration. Dehydration is very dangerous to children and adults. Everyone is prone to diarrhea regardless of the ages and gender. Many other factors can cause diarrhea. Some of them are:

• Bacterial infection inside the body. Bacterial infections can be brought about by contaminated water and food. This contamination can endanger people’s lives if not given proper attention. Common bacterial culprits are salmonella, shigella, and campylobacter & E-coli bacteria. All of these said bacteria have a particular harmful effect when ingested inside the body. This can have a very fatal effect to someone affected by this kind of bacteria. Salmonella bacteria can be acquired through fresh meat and eggs. Contamination can spread because of poor sanitation.

• Diarrhea can also come from certain viral infection. A lot of viruses can cause diarrhea like the rotavirus, cytomegalovirus, and Norwalk virus. These viruses may attack if the immune system of the person affected by this virus is weak.

• Another triggering factor of diarrhea is food intolerance. Some people are unable to tolerate certain kinds of foods. One good example of this is lactose intolerance. Individuals suffering from this kind of abnormality cannot properly digest the lactose ingested inside the digestive system. This lactose is a kind of sugar that can be found in milk.

• Intestinal parasites can also cause diarrhea on adults. These parasites can enter the human body through the food and water you ingested. Parasite that causes diarrhea includes Entamoeba hystolitica, Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium parasite.

• The body’s reaction through medications can also trigger the occurrence of diarrhea. These medicines are antibiotics, antacid medicine containing the chemical element magnesium, and medication for high blood pressure.

• Disease of the intestine may cause diarrhea like celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease. This disease may cause longer attacks of diarrhea.

In some other condition the causes of diarrhea are not yet found. As long as diarrhea goes away without any medication extensive study is not necessary. People with diarrhea may experience stomach cramping, nausea, and bloating. They can also have high fever and blood on the stool.

Try to avoid drinking milk until you’re diarrhea free. Foods that are very high in fat and fiber are not recommended during this time. As your condition improves, you can add soft but bland foods on your diet. Adding banana and apple on your daily diet as this may help you stop diarrhea fast.

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