Causes of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is an infection that happens anywhere in the urinary tract. The human urine is usually sterile and contains no microorganisms. There are lots of factors that can cause infections in the urinary tract, here are some of them:

1. Women are prone than men because the female urethra is shorter than male’s.

2. Sexual positions from behind will more likely to cause UTI since bacteria from the anus can easily pass through and can be transferred easily.

3. Failure to urinate on time.

4. Abnormal structure of the body.

5. Pregnancy.

6. Diabetes.

7. Tumor.

8. Stones.

As these factors affect the accumulation of bacteria that causes infection. A person with UTI will most likely experience the following:

• Burning sensation

• Need to urinate more than the usual

• Rushing to urinate

• The feeling that needs to urinate but it doesn’t come out

• Smelly urine

• Hazy

• Fever

• Not feeling good

Urinary tract infection can also because of hygiene. Wiping from back to front can be another reason for having it. By doing this, you’re bringing feces to get in your system. Women are more prone because their organ is open to infections than men. You also need to wear cotton breathable underwear and not so tight pants. UTI can be a blow to many events in your life. If you are already suffering with one, you are familiar with how painful it is to have it. You need to be aware all the time with what you do with your body. Preventive measure is still the best thing to do than seeking for treatments.

When you are looking for answers to lessen your agony, you can search for more information in the internet or health magazines. There are natural methods that you can easily use to lessen the pain you are suffering. It is also best to seek for medical help during this time. Doctor needs to assess your situation so they may be able to prescribe you with the right amount of medicine you need. You should be also aware of using self medications. Antibiotics when not prescribed properly will also result in different side effects that may affect different organs of your body.

There are preventive measures that you can do to stop the annoying pain of having UTI:

1. Bacteria may cling to the lining when digestion happens. Eating foods rich in fiber will help you with your digestion.

2. Make sure to clean yourself after every intercourse and after every bowel.

3. Drinking lots of water will also be helpful to you. This will help you flush away toxins to reduce accumulation of bacteria.

4. Cranberry juice are great for eliminating toxins.

Understanding the cause of the problem will help you eliminate the germs that can add to your discomfort. Diet change is also a good way when you want to decrease the risk. Feel free to ask your doctor about your problem and when you experience urination discomfort.

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