Sciatica Exercises

Sciatica is pain experienced in the lower back, caused usually by a trapped or damaged nerve. This can be a highly distracting and unpleasant cause of discomfort that effects every single movement you make. Whether you are a housewife used to doing lots of chores, an office jockey who needs to sit at a desk for long periods of time, a student, or a manual worker required to lift heavy loads; it can be enough to highly distract and damage productivity. It can also lead to irritability and lack of enjoyment of the finer things in life. Trips to a chiropractor or other professional can be expensive, while the prospect of an epidural is a painful and frightening one. Fortunately there are a selection of sciatica exercises anyone can perform to lessen the pain.

Sciatica Exercises 1: The first and perhaps most effective way to relieve the symptoms of sciatica is a static one. First, lie down on the floor next to a chair or sofa, and move closer so that your legs are lying on the cushion at a right angle and your buttocks are pressed against the front. This will stretch your lower back and force it to touch the ground and lie flat. Hold this position for as long as you can and when you get up you should find that the pain stays gone for a while. Obviously this is not one you can use at work, but if you are just watching TV it can work wonders.

Sciatica Exercises 2: A quicker solution however is to get into all fours. Now arch your back like a cat as high as you can and hold for the count of five. Then relax completely so that your stomach dips. Count to five and begin again from the beginning for five repetitions. Again this will help to stretch out your lower back to relieve stiffness and pain.

Sciatica Exercises 3: This one comes from Pilates. First lie on the ground, then ‘hug’ your knees. Your back should now be curved and your only point of contact with the ground. From here try gently rocking back and forth to massage your lower spine with the ground. Repeat until you are satisfied.

Sciatica Exercises 4: Again get on all fours. This time though have one leg stretching straight out behind you, with your other leg on its knee as far forwards as it can go. Hold for the count of five then swap your legs over.

Sciatica Exercises 5: For those who suffer only mild sciatica, simply stretching forwards and backwards can work well. Try to touch your toes, then put your hands on your hips and lean gently back. Be careful not to go into too great a stretch too quickly or you will risk doing further damage to your back.

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