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Many men and women face with the problem of infertility. Infertility could be due to various causes such as excessive stress imposed by routine challenges of life, high blood pressure, deficiency of nutrients such as zinc, folate, magnesium and vitamins, use of certain medications also results in infertility. Whatever the cause of infertility, yoga specialists say that the problem of infertility can be easily overcome with the help of regular practice of yoga exercises that concentrate on the uro-genital organs.

Yoga exercises are known to stimulate various parts of the body, if practiced in a perfect manner. It is based on the assumption that all the energy of the body is located in the chakras or kundalis that are located at the back. To cure the problem of infertility, it is essential to practice the yoga asana that activate the last chakra located in the perineum region. These exercises are said to improve the functionality of the uro-genital system and thereby cure the problem of infertility. Given the importance of yoga in curing the problem of infertility, let’s see the facts to be learnt about yoga.

It is essential to remember certain factors while practicing yoga postures. You should always practice the exercises early in the morning. It has to be practiced at least for two hours. However, take it at a slower pace and give time for the body to adjust. Practice of yoga raises the blood lactate levels. Hence, it is essential to bring them back to normal levels. This can be easily attained by lying down as a corpse like the shavasanam. If you are new to practicing yoga exercises, then take appropriate measures to not hurt yourself. Regular practice of yoga helps to cut down weight which in turn makes you sexually active.

Let me give you the yoga asana that are thought to help you conceive. Begin your yoga session with supported head stand and bridge poses. This helps to activate the hormonal secretion. Now, to activate the abdominal and reproductive areas follow reclining bound angle pose, lotus pose and reclining hero pose. Though these postures are tough, they can be easily done with regular practice.

However, before you start practicing these yoga postures, it is essential to have good understanding with your partner. It is essential to clear any differences and if they are any problems such as financial problems, settle them to reduce your stress levels. A stress free body can attain anything. Thus, with regular practice of yoga postures, commitment and good understanding between the partners the infertility problem can be easily overcome. Best part is that it does not cost you anything to get rid of the problem unlike those costly medication prescribed by your physicians for the purpose of conceiving.

Lastly, you can obtain perfect results only if you practice them in a correct manner. Hence, it is recommended to practice yoga postures under the guidance of an experienced yoga specialists at least until you learn them perfectly. As these yoga postures do not cause you any harm, give them a try under the guidance of a professional.

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