Health Benefits of Asparagus

Most of them do not consume asparagus due to its disgusting smell and taste. But, if you know the benefits of asparagus, you will definitely start eating asparagus by including it on one or on other form of your diet. Here are some important benefits of asparagus.

• It is a rich source of folate and vitamin K. folate helps to get rid of the problem of anemia. Vitamin K is found to play a role in regulating the process of blood coagulation. Hence, by consuming asparagus you can correct problems of anemia and blood coagulation.

• If you are worried that you might give birth to a baby with birth defects, then you can overcome those fears by consuming asparagus regularly while you are pregnant.

• Many women face menstrual problems, by consuming asparagus you can regulate those problems.

• Asparagus also helps to improve the health of the heart. Consumption of juice of asparagus regularly mixed with honey helps to strengthen the heart muscles.

• Gastrointestinal tract and colon problems respond well if you consume asparagus regularly.

• Some people respond poor to chemo-therapy. You can improve the condition by asking them to consume asparagus.

• It is also considered to act on brain and help to relieve the symptoms of depression.

• Apart from curing the fertility problems and menstrual cramps, asparagus offers another benefit for woman. It helps to increase the milk production in nursing woman.

• If you are either suffering with the problem of obesity or problem of high cholesterol, regular intake of asparagus helps to reduce the cholesterol levels.

• It also helps to fight certain ailments such as lung cancer, high blood pressure and fatigue.

• Are you suffering with the problem of constipation? Then, relieve it naturally without the need of any medications by consuming asparagus.

• If you are suffering with the problem of hair fall, then enjoy a healthy and growing hair by taking asparagus regularly.

• It is also good for the eyes and it avoids you from being a victim of cataract, which is an eye problem seen in many people as they age. It is just because of the presence of glutathione and anti-oxidants.

• It helps to fight toothache.

• The diuretic effect of asparagus helps to fight kidney related problems, water retention and more. Hence, it is of great value for pregnant women to avoid water retention. It also helps to prevent birth defects such as low birth weight babies.

• It is rich in calcium, niacin and phosphorus. It can be said as a vegetable with all minerals in required proportions as per the needs of the body.

• Asparagus is rich in amino acid named asparagine, which is found to cleanse the body of all the toxins. Hence, there is no wonder that you pass urine that smells bad after having asparagus.

• It is rich in phyto-chemicals that are known to fight the problem of inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of asparagus helps to cure the problems of arthritis and rheumatism that respond poorly even to a wide variety of drugs.

Lastly, with these great benefits, make it a habit to consume asparagus at least during its peak season during which it costs less.


  1. very informative

  2. Thank you for this useful info. I practically suffer from all the things mentioned above and to which asparagus is a cure. This is useful info!

  3. Paula G. Mejia, D.M.S.

    Your article is great but it will be better to place picture/s of the things you are discussing. Thank you!

  4. It was an interesting article. I read it despite the silly & very immature opening statement. (Most of them do not consume asparagus due to its disgusting smell and taste) I am one of many many people that do not find this to be true. It is absolutely delicious grilled or in a salad or as a pizza topping. While true that it may develop a strong smell when it is cooked to death, if it is cooked simply & properly, it is very tasty & very good for you!

  5. I read it and seemed informative to a degree but who is Jonathan Pitts, and what are his references. This seems to imply asparagus is a cure for everything. A toothache? How so? I had a toothache for two years that three (yes, count them three) doctors missed diagnosed and asparagus did not cure it.

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