Dangers of Coffee Enema

Enema is the process of bowel emptying by passing fluids through the rectum. Various solutions are used for enema. Enema helps to promote the detoxification process. This article presents information on some of the dangers associated with coffee enema.

Coffee enema is considered to dilate the bile ducts and thereby promotes the release of products that promote the breakdown of cancer products. Individuals who believe in the benefits of coffee enema use it as an alternative to cancer therapy. It is also found to promote the dialysis process across the gut wall. However, there is no medical evidence to prove these results.

Despite the benefits there are a great number of dangers associated with coffee enema. They include the following:

• Damage to the tissues of the rectum caused by the insertion device. However, this damage may be seen even with other types of enemas.

• Taking coffee enema makes you addictive to it. The addictive nature of coffee enema is due to the component of caffeine in the coffee beans.

• If you use very hot liquids for enema, it may result in burning the internal anal tissue. You may think that you will be able to know if the hot liquids are inserted. But, the fact is that as the tube is inserted about three fourth inch of the rectum where nerve endings are very less you will not be able to feel the sense until great deal of damage is done to the tissues.

• Over usage of coffee enema is reported to cause electrolyte imbalance that in some cases may even lead to death. By using enema you are forcibly emptying the colon contents without giving a chance of electrolyte absorption. The result is electrolyte imbalance which is dangerous. The risk of electrolyte depletion is doubled, if you consume more amounts of water so as to compensate for the loss in the form of loose stools. Instead, consider drinking vegetable or fruit juices that supplement the water and electrolyte loss.

• If you reuse the equipment without proper sterilization, you may be at the risk of bacterial infections.

• Coffee enema may cause adverse reactions in people who are sensitive to caffeine and it is also dangerous to be used by pregnant women.

• Increased use of enema may sometimes lead to dehydration.

• Coffee enema may sometimes result in developing heart palpitations. It may lead to death if neglected and continued with the enema. Heart palpitations are supposed to be caused by the toxins released during the detoxification process. Some people say that they could control the rate of palpitations by having fiber rich foods such as thirty minutes before and after having enema. This trick is found to help eliminate the toxins safely out of the body. However, one should not proceed with the enema if the palpitations become more severe.

• The insecticides that are used to grow the coffee beans may also cause dangers.

As there are more dangers than benefits, it is recommended to avoid enema as a supplement for regular treatments.


  1. Look up the gerson therapy. This article is completely disagreeing.

  2. Coffee Enema has great benefits depending how to use:

    – Only organic coffee can be used
    – At least taking 3 juices at day, one before coffee enema to avoid dehydration
    – Use a proper enema kit, with flexible catheter to avoid damage to the tissues of the rectum caused by the insertion device (catheter)
    – Enema must be at least 12 minutes for proper mine and no more than 15 minutes. Coffee enema brings great minerals avoiding mineral unbalance, so this time it's very important for minerals absorption.
    – Use a thermometer. Temperature must be 37º to 38º C

    I have 15 years using it and I'm healthier than before. Without any adverse effect.

  3. Why the low rating? Everything here is sound medical advice. Good article!

  4. Showing some statistics or evidence based documentation may be a better benefit to the general public reading the article.

  5. More nanny-state "you-can't-do-that" jazz. If it ain't FDA sanctioned, MDs brains just shut down. Pity really. P.S. Just did my 1st one… brilliant results!

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