Breathing Exercises Relieve Anxiety

People who are in difficult or challenging situations tend to become anxious. The same happens when they are constantly worried about something that they may not be in control of or the outcome may be quite uncertain. Anxiety stresses out the body and tends to cause a lot of other health disorders.

Anxiety attacks are common for people who tend to become excited very easily. These people unconsciously tend to hold their breath. Forced exhalations and short hurried inhalations of air that cause them to get stressed even more. There are herbal medications that can bring down the anxiety but it is better to avoid them. You can cure your anxiety attacks in a more natural way and bring your body under control!

How do you know that you are approaching an anxiety attack? Observe whether you have one or more of the following symptoms. Your heart starts beating rapidly. You have a feeling of a churning stomach. You tend to experience a lump in your throat. Your breathing becomes faster and shallower. You think you are a bit suffocated.

Reports in the past have proved that breathing exercises can relieve anxiety to a great extent. One of the most popular forms of this exercise is slow breathing from abdomen. Chest movement is very limited in this form of exercise. When you inhale, you should make your stomach go out. When you exhale, feel the stomach go in. Breathe slowly while exercising your abdomen. Take more time to exhale than to inhale. Pause for a second after you exhale. The diaphragm would rest during this short timeframe. You would be surprised to find that you are very relaxed.

When you are conscious that you have become anxious for some reason, avoid taking short breaths. This would only worsen the situation. Immediately, shift to slow breaths for longer times. This would calm you down and is good for your body.

The best part about these breathing exercises is that you need not have any extra equipment. You can do it anywhere. You can repeat this several times a day. You need not be monitored by an expert while you are doing so. Your timings are pretty flexible.

Before starting breathing exercises, you should rest your shoulders also. Lift them up and allow them to collapse. Repeat this thrice and you would feel that you are less stressed and more relaxed. Try and concentrate on your breath while you perform these exercises. This would actually distract you from things that are unnecessarily bothering you.

Studies reveal that by performing breathing exercises on a regular basis, you can actually prevent or abort anxiety attacks. If you can, it is best to lie down, hold the chest and start breathing slowly using your belly. Ensure that you breathe through the nose and avoid using your mouth for inhaling. The same holds for exhaling also. This is because using your home can promote using your chest for breathing instead of your diaphragm and in fact, aggravate your anxiety levels.

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  1. Gayazuddin Reply
    March 31, 2013 at 5:19 am

    Helpful article to reduce stress by understanding basics which is easily doable.

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