Getting Rid of Panic Attack

Anxiety or panic attacks are nothing but the natural response of your body to a threat perceived before it actually occurs. Some of these unforeseen threats are assumed while some of them are really true. However, this reflex is in the gene of every person at varying degrees.

Anxiety attacks are caused by certain chemicals produced in the body and released internally. Externally, you may face certain symptoms like perspiration, heart palpitations, racing heart beat, lump in the throat, churning of the stomach, short or shallow breaths which result in suffocation and other symptoms that disturb the body balance. In the extreme cases, this can result in the person falling unconscious or a stroke.

When you are conscious about the above symptoms, the first thing you need to do is to relax your body and mind. Repeat positive reinforcements within yourself that there is no threat and you should be relaxed. There are a couple of steps that could help. Tell yourself that you are having a panic attack and accept it. Mere acceptance can make you think in a better way. Realize that the disturbing symptoms occurring in your body is nothing but an overload of adrenaline. Distract your focus from this attack to some other object or thought. Within a few seconds, you would consciously think that you are feeling calm.

Start a simple breathing exercise which would make you physically calm. You can perform this by sitting, standing or lying down. Use your diaphragm for breathing and not the chest. In order to achieve this, place one of your palms on the chest and the other on your belly. When you inhale and exhale, your palm on the belly should go in and out. This is called diaphragmatic breathing. If your palm on the chest moves, then you are using your chest also which is undesirable. Perform slow breathing to calm down your body. Short and shallow breaths can only increase your anxiety. Avoid gulping in air through the mouth. Use your nose for taking in and letting out air.

You should not only perform breathing exercises just when you get a panic attack. You can do it regularly in order to avoid getting one!

In addition, there are simple lifestyle tips that you can try out everyday which could bring down the possibility of an anxiety attack. Look at the stress levels of your job. If it is too high, try adapting an exercise routine early in the morning before you start your day.

Consult a dietician and discuss about your diet habits. Simple changes in your eating habits and what you eat can make a huge difference. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, caffeine and aerated drinks. Monitor your blood sugar levels and include wholesome food and raw food items in your meal.

In some cases, consulting a medical expert may be required. You may also enrol yourself in rejuvenation programs which probably make you forget all your worries, distract you from your cocoon for a small period of time and give you an opportunity to start life afresh.

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