Simple Beauty Tips for Teens

There are young teens who complain about growing up pains. These don’t really pertain to physical and emotional pains but more on the physical changes of the body. As your teens grow up they may have to deal with skin problems like pimples, acne or freckles and other noticeable changes that may bother them. Most teens especially the young girls get to be conscious of their physical appearance most of the time. As a parent who has gone through that stage you can help your teens deal with these things by giving them simple beauty tips to remember.

Let your teens know the basics of proper personal hygiene. Teach your teens to take care of their bodies. They should wash their faces with mild soap and water and cleanse their bodies often. Teach them how to moisturize their skin properly by using a light moisturizer that is good for their skin type. Treat pimples, acne and freckles as part of growing up. But, if they become bothersome you can always consult a dermatologist to help lessen these skin problems. Make sure that you give them the proper diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need. Encourage them to do exercises or engage in sports and other activities to keep them fit and healthy.

Teens are usually curious and excited about using make-up. The use of mineral make-up is good for all skin types so your teens can avail of this type. The mineral powder or foundation looks natural and is not heavy on the skin. As for lipstick, make use of natural color or pinkish color lip gloss to make a softer look. If eye shadow is needed opt to use lighter shades of pink, light brown or even shimmery colors for the fun look; don’t use too dark colors because the result would be an older and intense look. Apply only very little light blush on to the cheekbones usually in shades of pale pink or light bronze. You can apply light mascara to the eyelashes just enough to make them stand out.

If your teens have some acne you may probably have to use a foundation to lightly cover them and finish up with a concealer to lessen the prominence of acne on the face. If your teens have good skin some application of pressed powder is good enough.

Most teens are partial to colognes so this can be applied on the neck, behind the ears or the wrists for a more lasting effect. Just remember to use enough fragrance. As for the outfits you may go for light colors which suit the skin type. The color white is a good choice because it goes well with all colors. The colors red and yellow are fun and happy colors that may just add more personality to your overall appearance.

The key to good make-up for teens is the proper blending of everything that would come out as naturally as possible; a make-up that is best suited for teens. If you are a teen you just have to enjoy this phase of your life and try to remember the simple beauty tips of your mother about skin care and everything that involves about taking good care of yourself. By doing this, you may be assured that you won’t probably have to deal with the same problems as you become an adult.

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