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Does your eye have puffiness that makes you feel embarrassed and you always wish to hide them whenever you go out? If you wish to get a cure for your undereye puffiness then the treatment is simple and painless. Most of the times, the eye puffiness can be cured by taking proper skin care. Taking proper care of the eyes can make you look young and also help you prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. It is never too late to start looking after your skin. By just making a few sacrifices you can take good care of your eyes that can result in good complexion, reduction of the eye bags and also wrinkles.

The skin covering the eyes is more sensitive as compared to the other facial skin. It also dries up fast hence it is important that you keep it moisturized constantly. The skin around the eyes is thin, and with age keeps thinning more. It is important that you take a lot of sleep that includes a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of complete sleep at night. If you keep awake the whole night or have the habit of partying at night then surely you will face under eye puffiness and wrinkle problems sooner than they are likely to appear.

There are also a number of cosmetic surgeries and injections that have become popular with time for under eye puffiness treatment. However these are painful and also depending on the type of surgery can have some side effects. Apart from this, the cosmetic surgeries and injections are very expensive and not everyone can afford these. For this reason, the natural treatments are the best. Some of the natural treatments for curing the under eye puffiness include:

• Application of coconut oil on all the parts of skin surrounding the eye. Massage the oil gently every night and leave the application overnight.

• There are many women who claim that banana is also a good choice for natural treatment of under eye puffiness.

For proper eye treatment it is advised that you follow these tips:

• Before you apply a face cream always apply an eye cream on the skin surrounding the eyes.

• Make use of an eye mask twice a week.

• Moist cold tea bags are a good option for soothing the eye and for good eye care.

• If your skin is too sensitive then it is advised not to use a scented product.

• When going out in the sun make sure that you use a sun screen.

• Make sure that the eye shadow or eye makeup that you use suits your skin. Avoid using creamy texture eye shadows.

• Take a good sleep at night.

• Make sure you drink lots of water.

• Make use of sunglasses during summers.

• Have lots of vitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eating healthy food and limited intake of alcohol can surely help you improve your under eye skin problem. Also avoid smoking and if you take drugs then it is a complete no. All these bad habits dehydrate the body and the fluids tend to accumulate in the wrong places when the body undergoes dehydration.

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