Difference Between Toner and Astringent


Every one of us wants to be the center of attraction. We want to be the center of attraction in the sense that they look at us because we do really look good. We all want to look good at all times and in all places. In order to achieve that, we should take care of our skin. We should make sure that it’s always clean, free from dirt and free from excess oil. We use a lot of products in order to do that. Many of us use toners and astringents. For sure, women are very much familiar with the terms toner and astringent. For us women, using toners and astringents are already part of our daily routines, particularly in our hygiene. We use them to clean our skin, most especially in our face. But what we don’t know is the difference between these two terms. What is the usage of these two? And which of these two should be used?

Who Can Use Toners or Astringents?

First, both toners and astringents have the same purpose. They serve as a cleanser. Both men and women can use toners or astringents. Nowadays, there are already lots of toner or astringent products that are designated for men which mean that men are becoming more conscious about their skin and to their whole appearance as well.

Difference Between Toners and Astringents

As I’ve said earlier, both toners and astringents have the same purpose and that is for cleansing our skin. However, there are some differences of these two. The difference is in their contents and in their usage. Toners don’t have alcohol content; most of the toners are made up of water, while astringents do have alcohol content. This means that toners are mild and that they can be used every day. They are often used to remove makeup and to cleanse our face. It is more advisable to use a toner when you have a normal skin. But for those who have oily skin, it is better to use an astringent. Astringents are not recommended to use in a daily basis because it can dry out our skin. Astringents are designed to fight pimples or acne that’s why they are supposedly stronger than toners. They also help to tighten our skin. Toners help to nourish our skin and help also to keep hydrated. It is best to choose toners if you have a dry skin.

If you want to use toner or astringent, make sure that it doesn’t have a bad effect on your skin. Make sure that it’s suitable depending on your skin type. Test first the toner by applying it to some portion of your arm. Leave it for a while and see first if you will feel something different. If you feel itchy and it irritates your skin, rashes came out after applying that product to your skin, then, you should stop using that. It only means that it’s not suitable for you. If you have sensitive skin make sure that you should choose those products that don’t have harsh contents. Make sure that it is mild and it is for sensitive skin. You must also check the label before buying the product. It’s important to see the contents of the product before buying them for you to be aware of the effect. If you find hard to find products that are suitable for your skin, it’s best to consult the dermatologist. They will help you to find the right products for you.

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  • I don't understand the bad rating from the other person…I think it's easy to understand; especially for someone like me who is trying to pass the state board for barbering.

  • This article is easy to understand but I suppose that if you're a pedant, you might not find it to be very enjoyable. 😉

  • Toner and astringent are NOT the same. If they share a purpose, it's that they work for the texture of the skin, not that "they're both cleansers". That is ridiculous. And that's not what they're for! You should only use these products AFTER cleaning. And astringent is unnecessary and bad for your face. Alcohol-free toner is the best way to go.

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