Primrose Oil and Hair Growth


Many of us are not yet familiar with primrose product. But, many of the people who are in store are also buying those products. But the first that we need to know is what primrose is?

What Is Primrose Oil?

Evening primrose is an herbal popular supplement which is rich in fatty acids. Primrose is a wild flower and it came from North America. This plant produces a yellow flower and the seed of the primrose contains 25 percent oil. Evening primrose is also known as evening star. Some people call it as, night willow herb, scabish, and others call it as tree primrose.

Benefits of Evening Primrose

What are the benefits we can get from primrose? There are lots of studies being conducted in United States in order to study the benefits of primrose. Actually, almost all parts of this plant are useful. We can eat the flowers of this plant. Even the seeds, the leaves and the roots can be eaten and we will get the same amount of nutrients we get if we’re taking the capsules. In order for us to eat the root of this plant, we should boil it first then we can already eat it as a normal vegetable. The flowers can be mixed when we’re going to make a salad. It can also be a decoration while the leaves can be eaten like any other vegetables. It can only be steamed can it’s ready to eat. Lastly, the seeds of this plant, aside from making it as a supplement, can be roasted and can use as an alternative for the coffee. The seeds can also be mixed in salad when it’s roasted.

The benefits we can get from this plant are too many. This plant can help those patients who have diabetes. Those who will take primrose may help to lessen the amount of insulin they’re taking. Primrose also helps to heal eczema. If you are an alcohol drinker, this may help to prevent the liver from damaging. Primrose is already popular to other countries just like India. People in India are using primrose in order to heal asthma and even coughs. This can also be used as a sedative. Primrose is also effective in reducing high blood pressures. It can also be used to prevent arthritis, breast cancer, and also helps to lower down the level of cholesterol. Primrose also helps in maintaining a healthy skin. It also helps in preventing some problems in the heart, kidney problems, including hair and skin problems. It also helps to improve your nails. It helps to make it stronger. It also helps to make men and women more fertile. Not to mention, this also helps in those patients who have anemia including those who has enlarged liver.

Primrose has a content called GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) helps to make our hair stronger and healthier. Another content of primrose is a linoleic acid. Both the GLA and linoleic acid are important for the maintenance of our skin, hair and nails. The GLA helps to prevent hair loss.

Upon knowing the benefits of primrose, I can truly say this is a supplement one must truly have. Primrose can grow anywhere so we can plant it in our own garden since this is a very useful plant.

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