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One of the most common problems of hair is split ends. It is unhealthy for your hair if you have this kind of problem. If you want to avoid split ends, you may have to remember some good ways to take care of your hair.

Hair can be prone to damage due to environmental conditions. If you are out in the sun protect your hair by wearing a hat, scarf or an umbrella. If you need to tie up your hair make use of good hair accessories like cotton ribbons, scrunches and plastic clips. Don’t use rubber bands or metal clips too often. Avoid tying up your hair too tightly as this would cause stress.

If you are a swimmer, protect your hair by using a swimming cap. The chlorine or chemicals in the pool water can harm your hair. If you can use some hair protection like leave-on oil or conditioner on your hair that would help a lot. Make sure to thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair after your swim to wash out the harsh chemicals imbedded on your hair.

Check the hair products you are using. Avoid using products with harsh chemicals and use those with herbal and natural ingredients instead. Make sure that you have a deep conditioning hair product that would take care of your scalp too. Dry hair and scalp is one of the causes of split ends.

You have to use a good comb for your hair, preferably the wide-tooth one which would not cause too much stress on the hair when combing it. Comb through your hair gently and avoid pulling your hair with your comb. Use a hair brush with soft bristles. Don’t over comb or over brush your hair as this would damage its natural oils. After a shower, it is best if you untangle your hair with your fingers first then use a wide-tooth comb to finish combing it. Remember also not to dry out your hair too roughly with a towel; instead you can gently squeeze out extra water from your hair then gently blot out with the towel to finish drying up. If you have the extra time let your hair dry out naturally without using a hair dryer or hot tongs. It would be good to avoid too many hair treatments like perming and coloring. This causes dryness and leads to split ends. Remember to give your hair a break when you have to do hair treatments similar to these so as not to damage the natural oils of the hair.

You can get a quick fix of getting rid of your split ends by trimming your hair. You have to make sure that you have a good pair of hair scissors to do this or you can go the salon for this. You may have to do trimming regularly about every six weeks to prevent split ends from coming back. Remember to eat good nutritious foods that would help nourish your hair. The problem of split ends on hair is an easy problem to solve. You just have to remember to keep your hair from drying out and knowing the hair products that is best for your hair.

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