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The lips are a prominent part of the face. There are people who look at the lips first because they consider them as a good part of the total attractiveness of the woman. If you happen to have thin lips and you want them to have a plump look which would add more to your confidence then you may have to consider some methods on how to go about this.

First, you have to take care of your lips. You have to remember to always moisturize them with a good lip balm to avoid cracks and uneven peeling along your lips. You can also do some gentle exfoliation by combining natural products of Shea butter, jojoba oil and sugar cane crystals. These also help improve the texture and restore the natural color of your lips.

Try to learn the proper way to apply make-up on your lips. Prop up your lips to have a nude look. Wipe off any bright color and apply a little foundation or concealer on the lips and lip line. Then, apply a nude color lip pencil on the lips a little over the natural outline of your lip line. Then, apply a nude lipstick and follow up by applying a flesh colored eye shadow or you can also use a white colored one on the middle of your lips. This would make your lips to have a “plump” look because the application of these make-ups would create a shadow over your lips and have an illusion of being fuller. To add a more glamorous look you can add nude lip gloss for extra shine and moisture. Just make sure to blend everything well enough to maintain the natural look of your lips.

There are available lip-plumbing products on the market. There are lip enhancers products that would help the lips become fuller and plump. These products contain substances that stimulate collagen production on the lips and help restore and maintain the suppleness and softness of the lips. You can always check these out online or in most beauty salons.

If you want something permanent you can choose the non-invasive type of treatment. You can have your lips injected with collagen or you can choose to have your own body fats to be injected into your lips. This is usually done because there are no allergic reactions from the procedure. Just make sure you have a good doctor to do this to achieve the desired results. The other way is thru lip augmentation which is a surgical procedure making use of saline implants or human tissues to make your lips fuller. This may be a bit complicated so it would be good to fully discuss it with your doctor before deciding to finally do it.

If you think it would boost your self-confidence to have fuller and plump lips then go ahead and make the choice. If you feel good about your decision then you have made the right choice. You have your lips to attest to that.

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