Shave Your Legs Perfectly Smooth

It feels pretty good to have smooth legs. You can wear anything you like and be confident enough to show your legs. You know that to be able to maintain your perfectly smooth legs you would have to go through some proper basic care for the legs. One of the best ways to maintain smooth legs is by shaving. You have to know how to do this properly to get the perfect smooth legs you want.

It is best to take a warm shower to prop up your skin. The warm water would help soften hair stubbles on your skin especially on the legs. You can gently rub away dead skin cells by using your scrub with some shower gel. You can also apply some condition to add more softness to your legs. Leave it on for about 5 minutes for better effect.

Then, wash away the conditioner from your legs by rinsing with water. After that you can apply the shaving gel or shaving cream on your legs. You can use the edge of your bathtub to put your leg up and slightly bend it for easy shaving. Use a good sharp razor to shave your legs. Remember to shave against the grain to avoid razor cuts and bumps. You can start from your ankle and glide your razor gently with just enough pressure along your leg up to your knee. Try to shave in broad and easy strokes. Remember to clean your razor in between shaving.

Try to feel the shaved part of your leg with your other hand to check if there are some areas that you may have missed. You can then shave your thigh with upward strokes until you feel that you have not missed any spot. Remember to take care in shaving the knee area. Try to keep your knee bent and shave in several directions. You may have to keep it on a straight position to shave again to check for any missed spot. Remember to shave the top areas of both feet and the toes to get an overall clean look. Do the same procedure with your other leg.

Before finishing your shaving go through your legs once more to make sure that all areas are well-shaved. You can then apply some alcohol toner to disinfect possible cuts or nicks on your legs. Finish up by applying a good moisturizer on your legs to keep the moisture in.

It would be to your advantage if you shave half way through your shower or bath because at this time your skin is ready for shaving. If you decide to shave your legs at the end of your shower you are exposing your legs to more razor’s cuts and burns because by this time your skin has become a bit swollen. You cannot get a close shave when your skin is in this condition.

Now that you know how to shave your legs to make them perfectly smooth you may have to do this on a regular basis. Just follow these basic steps and you would always have the same perfect smooth legs that you want all the time.

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  1. ingmar Reply
    June 20, 2010 at 9:44 am

    A complete article. I didn't rate it excellent just because it skips how to shave the back of a woman's thigh. A typical method is to sit down and lift a leg to your chest, and lock them with your non dominant hand.

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