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Scavenger hunt is an icebreaker game especially within unfamiliar set of people who are put in a situation of interacting together. This game makes people talk to each other, share ideas, work together to search some ‘treasures’ mentioned and helps to break the initial shyness.

You can plan to conduct scavenger hunt games for kids, say on a birthday party or to have a fun filled evening. It takes little time to plan and the game does not allow one single kid to dominate. Every kid would have a sense of involvement and importance. In addition, this game does not require any expensive preparation time or effort.

Typically, every kid’s team is given a set of items to search for. The team which manages to find the most number of items mentioned turns out to be the winner of the game.

Alternately, you can allot points for each item found. For example, if one of the items is very difficult to locate, the team which finds the item gets more points.

The following are suggestions of certain easily available items to use for scavenger hunt: bird feather, chocolate wrapper, shells and rocks, sea weed, coins, keys, pencil, ball, comb, and a lot more.

You can also think about a theme based scavenger hunt. For example, if you come with a Disney theme, you can store pictures of different Disney characters and hide them. The clues should not be easy. The kids should decipher which character you are talking about and look for them. Ensure that all the kids would be equally comfortable with the theme you choose.

Another variation of the game is to assign each team a color. If the team finds object of other colors, they ‘steal’ the points of the other team. For example, if a team is allotted pink coloured objects and they find blue coloured hints allotted to other team, they get more points.

Instead of giving any clues, you can just mention the shapes of objects and allot it to the team. For example, if a team is allotted circular objects, they have to bring in all objects they find are circular in color. If this is played indoors, make sure that your house does not become a mess!

Younger children could be given clip arts so that they need not solve any puzzles or clues. They need to just match the picture to gain points.

You can also come up with a jigsaw theme. This is a more challenging version. The clue is divided into two parts and children have to find the matching part!

You can conduct scavenger hunt either outdoors or indoors. Indoor treasure hunts can be a challenge as the home could be turned upside down by the kids at the end of the day. In that case, allocate an area within which they can search so that you can restore back the décor without much effort.

Ensure that the items that the kids search are not sharp objects, poisonous, accident-prone, brittle or harmful to health in any way. For instance, do not keep knives, blades or compass as a part of the clues.

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