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Kids typically enjoy playing and running around. They even love watching television. But their attention span for activities involving a lot of concentration sitting at one place is very less. One of the nightmares of many kids is writing. This is because they think it is a Herculean task to understand spelling and write neatly. They do not find it an interesting task or rather, a necessary one. Many of them think it is just a waste of time!

If you compel the children who do not want to write, they typically start dreading the activity and even resist going to school. You can make writing a fun filled activity for children by inventing simple innovative ways of teaching.

Writing has different aspects: handwriting, spelling and grammar, punctuation and composition. While training your children to write, start with an easy target and slowly increase. You can ask them to write 20 words per day and slowly increase it to 50 in a week. Do not stick to the school curriculum. Ask them to write their daily diary so that it is relevant and interesting to them. By this, you can check the coherency of their thoughts.

Try and teach them phonetics which is the art of learning the sound of letters and some letter combinations. This is one of the most efficient methods of teaching them spelling. Slowly, your kid would start recognizing the sounds distinctly or when it blends with other letters.

Slowly, you can teach them some of the spelling rules as they advance to higher levels. Identify the phonetic sounds where your children go wrong. It would be easy to correct them then.

Introduce new words to them every week. You can at least introduce 3 long words in a week which they have not heard of and help them guess the spelling. In order to improve the handwriting, you can ask them to write the words in cursive writing style after they spell it correctly. Do not give them too much practise in printing style of writing where the letters are not joined. This would be an obstacle to the speed and flow of writing. It would be difficult to get a ‘feel’ of what they are learning.

Around the time when you kid is seven years old, you need to rigorously help them get rid of bad writing habits like spelling and punctuation mistakes, overlapped writing as well as writing out of flow or off the line and margin.

Help your child develop his or her own style of writing. Teach them to outline what they want to write and organize their work before starting. Help them to jot down the ideas quickly on paper.

Punctuations are an integral part of writing and have to be developed at the early stages to get the language right. This is one of the key areas where children typically find it difficult to master. Hence, when you child produces your work, read it out to them and ask them to get a feel of the pauses and intonations. This would help them grasp this aspect.

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