How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin Under My Chin and Neck


How to get rid of the sagging skin under the chin and neck is a very common query posed by aging people especially women. As you age, the first lines start appearing near the eyes and these start developing deep. Sooner than you start a treatment you will notice that the skin starts sagging and this starts appearing under the chin and the neck. Before we go into the details of how to prevent the sagging, it is important to understand why does sagging of the skin appear?

In your younger days the skin is smooth, supple and firm. But as you age, the skin starts losing collagen and its smoothness and results in the development of lines. The collagen is responsible for giving shape and form to the skin. These collagen bundles are composed of proteins and lipids that are responsible for giving base and elasticity to the skin. The proteins bind the collagen bundles together that make it firm and smooth.

With age the body produces less collagen and with the constant exposure of the skin to pollutants, UV rays and free radicals which results in breaking down of the collagen. Combining all these factors together, you will get to know the real reason behind wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Supposing if you have observed the sagging of your skin and the fat cells that are supposed to fill the wrinkles have also shrunk, there is still no need to worry. There are a number of ways in which you can replenish the skin.

There are many people who take the help of collagen to prevent the skin problems that they come across. However, you should not get carried away and take decisions that might harm your skin in the future. Collagen products do not replenish the collagen under the skin because of the fact that collagen derived from external sources is big enough to penetrate the pores of the skin and hence it will not promote the collagen development. However, recent researches have shown the products containing Cynergy TK, Coenzyme Q10, and Phytessence Wakame can be good for the skin and improve the texture of your skin and also trigger and stimulate the collagen production.

These products also contain anti-oxidants apart from collagen that protects the skin from factors that are responsible for the breakdown of skin. These ingredients also have high moisturizing properties that will definitely improve the moisture retention property of the skin. It is also advisable that you take good care of your skin and start treating it right from the beginning. Eat lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables that will keep your internal body replenished and will also give you a great immunity boost.

Eating good food and also maintaining proper skin care are the two main things that will keep your skin replenished and also give you a better look and delay the sagging of the skin under your chin and neck. Also, try to follow a daily routine of exercise, which is a great way to rejuvenate your body.

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