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Bee venom therapy is known to be an alternative medicine that has been known for thousand years. The bee venom therapy also called as apitherapy was practiced by Egyptians, Greeks and also Chinese. The therapy includes the use of beehive products like pollen, honey, propolis and royal jelly and also bee venom. In the ancient days, the apitherapy was used in the treatment of skin diseases, arthritis, back pain and rheumatism. The modern day bee venom therapy also includes treatment of a number of diseases.

In the olden days, live honeybees were made to sting the body over the affected area, acupuncture points or trigger points. Later on, solutions were made that mimic the bee venom. The solution is injected under the skin and is thought to be a form of homeopathic preparation. Depending on the skin disease you can use creams, lotions or ointments that contain beehive products that can be applied to the skin.

The bee venom contains a number of active compounds having pharmaceutical properties. Melittin stimulates the immune system and also the healing properties of the body by activating the adrenal glands. It is found to be more effective than hydrocortisone. The bee venom therapy can also boost energy and increase the feeling of well being in the patient. If you are considering bee venom therapy for skin care, then it is important that you consult an apitherapist. The therapy can be given by apitherapist, acupuncturists and also beekeepers. However, you should never consider taking this therapy on your own. In case you have received training then you can try administering yourself following proper guidelines.

It is to be determined first whether you are allergic to bee venom, which is carried out by taking a test of bee sting on the forearm or knee. There is a small percentage of population, almost 2, that shows allergic reaction to bee venom. The reaction can sometimes be severe and can lead to anaphylactic shock and a medical emergency. Medicines should always be kept at hand so that you can deal with the allergic reaction.

Studies are still being carried out to determine whether bee venom actually has a good effect on the skin ailments or not. However, products like honey and royal jelly have definitely been found to have a good and soothing effect on the skin. They reduce inflammation and also improve skin penetration. It is important to consult a skin therapist or an apitherapist who can guide you properly on these issues of skin care using bee venom.

If you feel any kind of change in your skin, it is important to inform your therapist about the same so that immediate action can be taken for improvements. Take the advice and follow proper guidelines when taking bee venom therapy. This will prevent you from any allergic reaction or hurting yourself in the process of getting healed.

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