Understanding the Importance of Child Motivation

You should not always be too praising to your child and not punishing at all while motivating him or her. This act would be called counter-productive when motivating your child. Motivation is really essential for your child’s inner betterment and it is totally the parent’s responsibility that how well they do this job.

Always communicate with your child and tell him how you admire if he has done something. Talk your gratitude and appreciation upon him when such situations come up. Always express your admiration whenever your child does something admiring, which will help in motivating him a lot. Tell your child how you feel in not just words like ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, tell him what a good job he has done and describe your good feelings about his work. Appreciating your child will make you a part of what he has done, he will think of you as a part of his experience as well.

Motivating your child is not an easy job and has to be carried out if you want to see a bright future for him. Be really thankful and grateful after receiving any kind of help from your child. Whenever he tells you about whatever happened or whatever he learned at the school, learn carefully and pay attention; this will be their motivating reward. Your child will feel up high on the skies building motivation and confidence only if you give him some sort of value in the family, make him feel like one of the important family members, this feel for the child is even better then getting good grades or medals in the school.

A big help while motivating your child will be to treat him as you treat your neighbors or any co-workers. Appreciate them after whatever house chores they do but in a professional manner, do not reward them with stupid stars or some stickers. If your child helped in mowing the lawn, tell him how nice it looks whenever you pass by. Children are very sensitive and many of them just have a feeling that all your behavior towards them is pre-planned, you have to be too sincere to get a reply from them that is sincere as well.

You must be thinking that how will it help with not rewarding them when they work? Well, it is their home as well, they have to feel the responsibilities, a motivating feel comes from the inner side so do not worry if you see the kid going the other way, just sit and talk. Do you get rewarded doing your own so many house chores every day? Do you get rewarded helping your neighbors or working at your job place? Explain all this to your child and motivate him towards how to build yourself to live a strong and a respectful life.

Your child will learn walking and eating even without those medals or rewarding stars, so motivating him with the help of all this information should not be that much tough.

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