Acupuncture: An Effective Alternative Pain Therapy

Acupuncture has managed to gather great interest amongst all class of people across the world in the last few years. It’s a Chinese therapy which involves inserting the needles into specific body parts to promote energy flow, in order to provide relief from body pain. There are more than 2000 points the acupuncture gets to choose, in order to insert the needles into our body. It has been in practice since thousands of years, and recent reports have revealed the fact that they can be a very effective pain relief tool.

Let’s learn in detail how acupuncture helps one get rid of body pain.

Acupuncture impacts our nervous system by releasing endorphins. It also activates an immune response within our body. It alters the neurotransmitters, and in this manner affects our brain. It also releases cortisol within the pituitary gland. All these chemical changes within the body influences how an individual responds to a painful situation. Acupuncture helps one calm the body in mild and as well chronic pain.

Acupuncture can also be used in combination with pain medication and other physical therapies, in order to decrease acute and chronic pain experienced by an individual. Different methods are used to drive the anatomical points of the patients body.

Let’s have a look at the different painful situations where acupuncture treatment can be effectively used.

Acupuncture is used in curing individuals undergoing rehabilitation for strokes. It’s also helps one deal with migraines and headaches which can be very painful in most circumstances.

Osteoarthritis is another painful ailment which can be cured with the aid of acupuncture treatment. Individuals who are suffering from asthma are also resorting to acupuncture treatment is get rid of their miserable ailment.

Acupuncture is also used to get rid of chronic back pain and arthritis.

Alternative pain therapies provides you relief from physical as well as emotional pain. Most of us do not realize the harmful effects of stress and depression. Happy people are less prone to disease. In a way, they are healthy people.

It’s advisable that one performs the treatment from an experienced acupuncturist, or else it can have adverse effects on your body. The needles should be properly sterilized before use, and the needles should be inserted at the correct points in the body. A professional acupuncturist will take care of these things, thus keeping you immune from all kinds of potential risks. One might experience mild side effects with acupuncture treatment such as bruise, dizziness and unconsciousness. However, one need not have to worry about these side effects as long as they are being treated by a professional acupuncturist. You will get used to the treatment in a few sessions, and you will not find anything abnormal while the acupuncturist is inserting needles into your body.

According to recent reports, it’s estimated that more than 50 million Americans are suffering from some kind of chronic pain. With the wide range of ailments acupuncture can cure, it’s only wise to consider acupuncture treatment to get rid of our painful disease.

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