Alternative Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder. Individuals suffering from this ailment experience breathing problem intermittently while sleeping. Their breathing stops for a brief period while they are asleep.

As such, there are 3 types of sleep apnea.

-Obstructive apnea

-Central apnea

-Complex apnea

Most of the individuals out there suffer from obstructive apnea. Reports suggest that more than 85% of the apnea victims suffer from obstructive apnea. It’s caused due to physical blockage of the airflow into the lungs.

The conventional way to deal with sleep apnea involves the use of a device called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It allows the passage of airflow to the lungs. Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure is another device which is used for this purpose. Last but not the least, oral appliance therapy is resorted by individuals who are experiencing mild sleep apnea. In some cases, individuals have to resort to surgery which might involve shaving off huge amount of money.

If you are tired of the conventional form of medication, then you would be happy to know that there are several alternative treatments available for the cure of sleep apnea. Alternative treatments lack scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness, however this does not prove as an hindrance as individuals are concerned with the end results, which is positive in most cases.

Below is the list of alternative treatments which can prove to be very helpful for individuals who are a victim of sleep apnea.

Reports suggest that majority of the individuals suffering from sleep apnea are obese, which results into the formation of soft tissues near the neck area leading to difficulty while breathing. Hence, this ailment can be controlled to a great extent by reducing body weight. Individuals should perform regular exercise and have balanced diet, in order to throw away the excess flesh from their body. Indulging in breathing exercises can also be of great help.

Amongst the various form of alternative treatments, homeopathic medicines can be beneficial as well.

The growing popularity of acupuncture treatment seems to have no ends. Acupuncture treatment focuses on fixing the imbalance which results into sleep apnea. Individuals undergoing acupuncture treatment are refrained from consuming caffeine, and are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Amongst the herbal remedies, vervain is a herb which is known to work wonders in curing this ailment. Vervain has a soothing effect on the mind and body, which in turns controls the sleep troubles, an individual experiences.

Some practitioners also advise their patients to change their sleeping position as they believe this can be beneficial. One is advised not to sleep on the stomach or their back, but only sideways. Consumption of drugs and alcohol are a complete no. One should also stay away from smoking.

Sleep apnea can affect anyone out there. Your first action should be to visit a good doctor immediately, if you experience any of the sleep apnea symptoms. Although alternative treatments are considered as a safe option, one should always check with their doctor before resorting to alternative treatments.

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