Herbal Options to Deal With Hay Fever

Most people are delighted with the arrival of spring, however it doesn’t excite much to individuals who are prone to hay fever during this season. There are millions of individuals who suffer from hay fever, and there are many ways to deal with this situation.

It’s estimated that nearly 20% Americans experience hay fever or seasonal allergies. Most individuals surrender themselves to the conventional form of medication, and those who do not respond well to antibiotics or any other form of medication resort to herbal remedies to treat hay fever.

Hay fever is caused due to allergic exposure to airborne grain and pollen particles. Herbal options have the potential to minimize the attack of seasonal allergy. Let’s have a look at the herbal options that can help you deal with hay fever.


Echinacea is a Native American plant which improves our immunity level. It has the capability to maintain the white blood cells within the desired range. This plant can be used in the form of tea or tonic. A boost in the immunity will diminish your chances of getting affected by hay fever.


Garlic has proved to be a great resource in the field of herbal medicines. It’s used to combat many ailments that exist in our society today. One needs to include garlic in their diet to improve their immunity level so that the body is strong enough to resist hay fever. B group vitamin present in garlic improves our immunity level. One should start including garlic in their diet couple of months before the arrival of hay fever season so that our body is prepared beforehand to deal with the situation.


Cudweed contains several anti inflammatory properties which can help one deal with the symptoms of hay fever. It can be consumed in the form of tea.


Nettles strengthen our immune system, and thus helps us fight against hay fever.

Tea With Spices

One can add pepper and cardamom while preparing the tea. This will provide one with relief against hay fever.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has gathered huge popularity in the field of herbal medicine. It’s used for curing wide varieties of ailments. It has acidic components in it, which works like a charm in curing various health conditions. One needs to prepare a mixture comprising of 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar along with little bit of money and a glass of boiled water. Consume this mixture every morning for few weeks.

Lemon Juice

Mixture of lemon juice and honey is another tactful herbal remedy which will help you deal with hay fever. Prepare a mixture of honey and lemon juice, and take in for a period of few weeks every morning. This will boost your immunity a big time.

With the aid of these herbal remedies, you can enjoy the spring season to the fullest. Boost in our immunity level is a must, in order to stay immune from hay fever. Most of the herbal remedies discussed above will help you increase your immunity. Including essential herbs in your regular diet will prevent frequent hay fever attacks.

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