Popular Herbal Medicines in Philippines

Herbal medicines have been able to grab worldwide attention, and Philippines is no exception to the growing fan list of herbal solutions. Just like China, Philippines is a country which is known to use herbal products long before it was used in the west. They have been widely used in all parts of the country to cure various ailments, and to promote overall wellness.

Below is the list of popular herbal medicines widely used in Philippines for the promotion of good health. These herbal medicine has been approved by the Philippine’s Department of Health, which implies they are safe and effective to use. Unlike conventional medication, one does not have to worry about side effects linked with the medication.


Bawang is an antioxidant which is known to decrease the cholesterol level in our body. It helps one maintain the blood pressure level. It’s also extremely safe to consume.


Akapulko is widely used in Philippines to eradicate several skin related issues, and to combat the problem of ringworm.


Bayabas is a herb used to deal with wounds. It’s also used to fight gum disease.


Ampalaya helps in providing a boost to our immune system, and thus helps one stay away from common cold, fever etc. It’s also effective against Type 1 diabetes.


Lagundi is used by patients who have been suffering from asthma. It’s also known to help one deal with the problem of cough.


Niyog-niyogan are seeds which can help one cure intestinal worms.

Ulasimang Bato

Ulasimang Bato is used by individuals suffering from arthritis and gout. This herbal leave can be consumed in the form of tea. Some individuals also take it in the form of salad.

Tsaang Gubat

Tsaang Gubat are a great source of fluoride which can be used as an effective mouthwash product. It’s also known to help one deal with stomach cramps and gastrointestinal issues. In most cases, this is consumed in the form of tea.


Sambong is a herb which is used to deal with edema and urine stones.

Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena is used to get relief from pain. It can be consumed internally or externally.

All the above mentioned herbs have been clinically approved and tested for effectiveness. One should consider the below mentioned precautions while consuming herbal medicines.

Make sure that you do not used stainless steel utensil while boiling the herbs. Consider using a earthen or glass alike utensils. Also, while boiling the herbs, do not cover the utensil, and boil it in low temperature or flame. If the symptoms continue, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Medicinal herbs have been used in Philippines since many centuries. The expertise have been passed from one generation to another. The last few years have seen more interest in this field giving rise to renewed and better medicinal herbal options. The popularity of herbal medicine will only increase with every passing year, as the effectiveness and validity of herbal remedies gain more acceptance.

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