Avoiding Motion Sickness While Riding in the Car


There are times that learning the roots of the problem helps a lot, especially if it concerns your health. Motion sickness is one of the common problems among children that cannot be treated, but can be eliminated when given a chance to avoid certain types of causes that triggers it. Motion sickness usually takes place when traveling. The environment and the feeling of riding in a closed car make the situation worst.

It usually happens on the inner ear when a change of equilibrium balance takes place. Not feeling well is the best description for motion sickness. It is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If you are one of those suffering from this dilemma, you can try the following steps to help you solve your problem:

1. Watch out for the foods that you will eat during travel. By simply avoiding heavy meals, you can easily prevent nausea. Try to bring along water and not juice or soft drinks. Avoiding fatty and oily foods will also be helpful to you.

2. You should also avoid strong smell. Perfumes and foods that possess strong smells will trigger the symptoms. You can avoid this situation by carrying along a nose plug. If this cannot solve your problem, you can turn on the aircon or might as well open the windows of the car.

3. By choosing the right seat, you will prevent motion sickness from attacking you. If you are in a car, the front seat next to the driver is the best one for you. Don’t dare to sit at the back since you can throw up there from side to side.

4. Experts suggest, for travelers with motion sickness not to read books, answer puzzles and other activities that will require the use of the eyes. It is best to sit still and relax, since this is your rest day. It is best for you to reach your destination before you read or continue with your task.

5. There are over the counter drugs that allow you to travel easily without hassles. You will be able to overcome it once you’re familiar with traveling. Although there are over the counter drugs, you don’t have to take them unless your doctor prescribes you. This type of drug will be taken 1 hour before you travel.

There are lots of drugs in the market today intended for motion sickness. Whenever you will have a long travel, make sure that you have these types of drugs to be able to eliminate motion sickness that can be associated with accidents. Most often than not, if you are a driver of the car, you cannot concentrate in driving since you are having problems with nausea. There are also other herbal remedies that can help you solve this type of dilemma. Feel free to check out the web for more new things that you can find there regarding motion sickness treatments these days.

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