Improving Your Eyesight

One of the most important organs in our body is our eyes. Through our eyes, we see beautiful things and we are able to appreciate it. Without our eyes, there are a lot of things we can’t do. It is hard for us to move if we lose our eye sight. Therefore, as long as possible, we should be careful with our eyes. We must take good care of it. We only have two eyes and it’s very hard to replace those eyes if ever something happened.

There are a lot of diseases that we can get if we do not take care of our eyes. Some of the common diseases are Myopia, commonly known as Nearsightedness, Hyperopia, known as Farsightedness. Other diseases may be Eye Herpes, Glaucoma, Keratoconus, Macular Degeneration (AMD), Ocular Hypertension, and Retinitis Pigmentosa. There are ways on how to prevent these diseases. There are exercises that are good for our eyes and there are foods that help to prevent those diseases. There are also some simple tips that if we are going to follow them, it might also help us.

Here are some tips on how to take care your eyes:

1. Always wear shades when you are out during daytime. This will help to protect your eyes from the sun.

2. Always make sure that you turn on the lights when you are going to read or write at night. Don’t read in dim places.

3. Make sure to have enough sleep. You will notice that if you don’t have enough sleep, when you wake up, your eyes hurt. It will also help to rest you eyes.

4. Eat the right food which can help your eyes. Eat food that are rich in vitamins and minerals most especially vitamin A.

5. For the treatment of the dark circles around your eyes, cucumber is the best solution. Just put it on your eyes.

Here are some exercise tips for your eyes:

1. If you feel that your eyes are already tired look or stare for a while on a distant object or place.

2. Try to put your finger on in front of your face just about a distance away from your nose then, try to stare at your finger for how many minutes using one eye only. Repeat this activity at least around 20-30 times.

3. This next exercise is like a YES exercise because in this activity it is just like saying yes to someone but by nodding. Just nod your head up and down.

There are a lot of things that help to improve your eyesight. Those tips mentioned above can really help. Exercise and eating the right food are the natural ways on how to improve and on how to take care our eyesight.

Remember to eat fresh fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in vitamin and with antioxidants. They can really help in order to improve the eye health and eye sight. It is better to take good care of our sight as early as we can, rather than just taking care of it when we feel that something is already not okay with our eye sight. Prevention is much better than cure.

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