Getting to Know Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, though it’s not actually a new condition, this may sound new to some of us. We may not know about this word but the worst case is we don’t know that we already have this kind of syndrome. This syndrome is becoming popular. This is because those who tend to suffer from this are those persons who are working in the office, particularly to those whose work involves using the keyboard and the mouse. Those who are in the field of IT, especially programmers or software engineers, suffer from this syndrome. They sometimes feel pain in their wrists, in their hands and sometimes in their neck. This is one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Let’s familiarize ourselves more to this syndrome.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

First, we need to know something about the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel floor is composed of carpus. Carpus is consisted of 8 tiny wrist bones. Both median and tendons pass this tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome, also called as CTS, is the word used when there is a compression of a median nerve, particularly in our wrist area. This can cause it not to function properly. Another term for carpal tunnel syndrome is median neuropathy at the wrist.

What Are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

• One symptom is if your thumb, your index finger, middle finger and even ring finger feels numb and tingle.

• Sometimes, you wake up in the night because your hands feel numb.

• You feel pain at the bottom of your numb and at your wrist.

• You feel weak.

• Your thumb cramps.

• You always drop some objects and you feel clumsy.

• Your hands or fingers always feel cold.

• When you pick up small objects like needle or pins, you always find it hard to get them.

• For those with severe cases, there is weakness in the muscle at the bottom of the thumb.

Who Can Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Both men and women are prone to this syndrome. However, there are some occupations wherein employees who are doing these activities are prone to this syndrome.

Here is a list of those activities:

1. Those jobs that needs repetitive bending or straightening of your finger or even our wrists.

2. Powerful grasping of tools or objects particularly if you need to bend your wrists.

3. Uncomfortable positioning of the hand or wrists while doing an activity.

4. Direct or straight pressure on the wrist.

5. The use of vibrating tools is also another activity that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

After being aware of those activities that can make you prone to this syndrome, we should know how to prevent this. It’s better to know how to prevent it rather that treating the syndrome when it is already there.

1. Use a stress ball, in order to exercise our hands and our wrist. In this simple way, we can relax our hands and our wrist from bending and straightening.

2. If you feel that your fingers or your wrists is aching, take at least 15 minutes break in order to relax them. This would really make a difference.

3. Take vitamins that contains of vitamin B6. According to studies, this is a cure for this syndrome. It is actually an herbal cure.

In worst cases, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by surgery. This surgery is called carpal tunnel release surgery. This is the ultimate cure for this syndrome. It is effective and it prevents the nerves from damaging. Usually, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs without a cause that’s commonly called idiopathic.

This syndrome might become severe if you do not give too much attention into it. There is nothing wrong in taking a 15 minute break to relax your fingers, rather than risking your health. We should take care ourselves because our health is our wealth.

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