How to Overcome Secondary Infertility


Secondary infertility is a condition in which the couples that already have a child or children are unable to conceive. This is entirely different from primary infertility in which the couple cannot conceive at least once. It becomes difficult for couples to accept the problem of secondary infertility and even for the people who are around them. Usually, people are unable to understand the condition because they have successfully delivered a child earlier and practically speaking, the birth canal should function normally if it has previously functioned once.

One of the reasons for secondary infertility can be that the couple does not have enough energy for the intercourse at the most fertile times during the month. This can be a result of the demands from other children or other problems in your professional or married life. You need to consider a number of physical factors before conceiving.

There are chances that it could have been years since you had your first child and you have crossed the peak fertile time. Women are considered to be the most fertile in their mid twenties to mid thirties. Infertility casts its shadow after the age of 38 and becomes more pronounced after crossing 40. Another major reason behind secondary infertility is the inability to lose weight that had been gained in the first pregnancy. Being overweight leads to a lot of hormonal imbalance, and can also lead to infertility.

There are also chances that the loss of the first partner in a woman’s life can lead to infertility problems. There are additional tests required for the second partner. Other factors like previous miscarriages, abortions, pelvic and uterine disorders or polycystic ovarian syndrome can also lead to infertility. For people facing this problem, it is important that they should be emotionally stable and should focus their attention to their other child or children, so that they do not feel the void in their lives.

For couples, it is advised that they should decide a time frame within which they wish to complete their family. Giving a lot of gap between two children can bring about a lot of body changes, and the body might not support a pregnancy later. Work out things from the beginning and if you have had a late marriage, then it is advised that you start trying for a baby soon before you cross the fertility age. There are many couples that opt for a surrogate option or adoption. Other alternatives include in vitro fertilization. You can give yourself a number of chances as long as you have patience. Later, if you do not have the patience for it, then you can either accept the fact or try adoption and other means.

Give tries during the fertile times of the month so that there can be a good chance, and in case you are overweight, try being physically active to reduce the fat. Often, hormonal imbalances are also a cause behind the secondary infertility. Faith is another major aspect in such cases. You can also get a medical checkup done or get advice from your gynecologist.

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