What Is Spending Addiction?


Spending addiction is a kind of behavioral problem; it usually affects more women than men. This addiction is also known as an intense desire to shop. It also has a medical term which is “Oniomania”. It may be a simple disorder for many people, but for people suffering from this kind of disorder, they find it very difficult. People who have this kind of disorder always feel the need to spend huge amounts of money in their lives. They tend to overcome their emotional problem through spending money. Patients who have this disorder use spending as a way to find self worth and self fulfilment. They said that people suffering from spending addiction have a very low self esteem and self worth.

Excessive spending can also be linked to excessive gambling, where large amounts of money are being spent just overnight. Sometimes, millions and millions of money are lost with just an overnight of gambling. Any action that is associated with spending can be categorized as a spending addiction.

Spending addiction can cause people to have a very serious debt problem. In this case, patients are more focused on their wants rather than their needs. They tend to shop and spend big amounts of money to buy all their want rather than focusing on just the things that they need for their daily lives. The difficulty in handling this particular problem may result for much bigger long term issues such as problems in family relationships and inability to pay checks and other important bills.

The next thing you have to know is how you can deal with this problem quickly. Try to look around your closet and your room. Did you notice some things that are still new and have not been used? If that is the case maybe you have a problem. The first step in beating all addictions is to recognize and admit that there is a problem. Some people who have this disorder are very fond of labeling themselves as shopaholics. Admitting your problem by labeling yourself will not help but encourage you to shop more.

Labeling means that you are permitting yourself to do more shopping and spending. You have to reinvent your life and try to have a more positive outlook about shopping, rather than being a shopaholic. The next thing to do is to keep away from harm. If you want to get away from harm and to prevent it from hurting you, stay away from them. This is the number one rule that should be done for whatever kind of addiction.

It can be very helpful if you will designate a time and day where you are only permitted to shop. List down all the important things that you need to buy and stick to the budget. It is better if you do not bring excess money and do not bring any credit cards if you are going to shop. Bring an exact amount of money for the things that you intend to buy. Addiction can be totally eliminated from your system if you have the right determination and support.

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