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A lot of people may treat alcohol intake as normal and even healthy. Alcohol is high in calories and can give you energy, but excess calories are also bad for the health. Drinking too much alcohol can cause a lot of diseases. Alcohol is being linked as a cause of dreaded diseases like high blood pressure, liver diseases, and stroke. Wine on the other hand is said to be healthy for the heart. If you are consuming too much alcohol every day, now is the right time to stop drinking alcohol. Here’s the steps on how to stop drinking:

• The first step that alcohol drinkers should do is to monitor his daily intake of alcohol. If you are a regular alcohol drinker, you should monitor the time of the day, number of alcoholic drinks and the type of alcohol being consumed. Documenting your daily alcohol intake can help you to control excessive alcohol drinking.

• Determine the amount of alcohol required for your height and weight. A lot of experts suggest that one serving of alcohol should be taken for women and no more than two servings of alcoholic drinks for men. Excess of this recommendation is bad for your health. One serving of alcohol means 5oz of beer, wine, and any other alcoholic drinks. If you want to prevent yourself from drinking too much alcohol, you have to maintain your alcohol intake within this range.

• For a more responsible alcohol drinking, everybody should know and watch their limit. You have to know exactly the amount of alcohol that your body can tolerate. There are some people that drink too much alcohol and end up throwing up all of these, because their body cannot handle the amount of alcohol they take. Avoid this kind of situation; you have to set a limit in drinking alcohol.

• One of the most important things to remember when drinking alcohol is not to drink in an empty stomach. Drink alcohol while you are eating, this can slow down the absorption and metabolism of alcohol in the body.

• One of the most important steps to keep in mind is to have a self determination to say no. While drinking alcohol, try to incorporate water between every drink of alcohol. You may also try spritzer to eliminate too much consumption of alcohol while in a party.

• Make sure that you are accountable for your actions. If you know that you will be drinking alcohol on that day, plan ahead. You may plan the number of drinks you will do or set an alarm to know when to stop. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from consuming too much alcohol.

• If you are really determined to erase alcohol out of your life, you have to keep away all alcohol out of your own home.

There are a lot of ways, aside from this given steps, which you can apply for yourself. All of this steps will not be worthy if you don’t have self discipline and determination to quit drinking alcohol.

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