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Drug testing is a method to determine if a person is addicted to any kind of drug. It can be very helpful to detect those people who are violating the law. The drug testing procedure has its limitations and benefits that people should know. The choices of which method of drug testing you will use may depend upon the requirement of a certain individual. Here are some commonly used drug testing methods and their pros and cons:

• Urine method – one of the main benefits of urine testing is it can be done at a hospital or clinic setting and it can be used with a very comfortable kit. Most people prefer urine testing because of its convenience and it is the most accepted method by the government and many agencies. For job application, most companies require drug testing to be done and they prepare urine testing most of the time.

The only limitation of this method of drug testing is the possibility to substitute the specimen, if not handled carefully. Drugs can only be seen for a short period of time after it was taken. If a person has taken drugs a day prior to the examination it cannot be detected. Proper bathroom facilities should be provided by this drug testing hospitals and clinics.

• Saliva method – one positive thing about saliva method is that it comes in an easy kit and it is non-invasive. Saliva samples have lesser chances of substitution because it has a closer monitoring technique compared to urine testing. It is also convenient because you will not need to wait longer for the result, because the result can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

The only drawback of this type of testing is that it is not familiar just like the urine testing. People are not aware of the benefits that they can gain in saliva testing. There is also a lot of false belief about this testing which makes it unpopular for many people.

• Hair method – this kind of drug testing is reliable and can detect drug intake even after 90 days after the drug has been taken. It is taken under intensive supervision and there are very little chances that the result can be altered.

The main limitation for this testing is the requirement for facilities and laboratory equipment that needed to undergo in this kind of testing. Drugs that have been taken recently cannot be detected, it requires a week before the drug can be detected.

• Spray/sweat method – a sweat method is also a very easy method to undertake. It is also a non-invasive method to use. Sweat method doesn’t require a bathroom setting just to get the result compare to the urine testing. The drug can be detected after a few weeks just like the hair method. The result of the test can be obtained within a couple of minutes after.

Sweat testing can be easily contaminated by other elements. The occurrence or level of sweat may differ according to the person, so it is sometimes difficult to get an accurate result.

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