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According to the most recent study conducted, more than 35% of people are addicted to marijuana. This percentage is very alarming even though it may seem low. A lot of people tend to underestimate the influence of marijuana; it can have a lot of adverse effect to human after sometime of using it. It can affect people’s mental, emotional, and physical attributes. Addictions in whatever kind can make people forget about their responsibility and commitments for their friends and family. Here are some useful tips on how to quit marijuana:

1. The most important thing to remember is the willingness of the person to forever quit using marijuana. You have to set reasons for quitting marijuana and this reason should be for yourself and not for other people. Think about how your way of life can improve if you will decide to quit taking marijuana.

2. A lot of people use marijuana as one way to relieve them from stress. This wrong idea is what many doctors think that causes marijuana to be the number one reason of mental illness for people who are into it. There are other ways to relieve yourself from stress without damaging your body such as deep breathing, reading, listening to music, and exercise. All of these things can be one way to relieve you from stress without trying marijuana.

3. Another effective way to kick off out of your life is to involve yourself from worthwhile activities that can improve your social and emotional aspect. You can try to learn some musical instruments or involve yourself from community services with other people. You have to keep yourself busy to forget about marijuana.

4. You have to be closer to your family and friends to support you all the way in quitting the use of marijuana. You may also try to undergo some counseling services to help you realize the bad effect of marijuana. Remember that you cannot quit marijuana alone. You can easily overcome the addiction if there are people who support you and let you feel that you are loved.

5. Stay away from peope who are still using marijuana. It will be very hard for you to quit if you see others doing it. Make friends with people who are good influence and stay away from bad ones. This is the number one rule if you are determined to quit this health threatening habit.

6. Admit that you are addicted. By admitting to yourself that you are addicted to marijuana, that’s the right time that you have to do something about it. If you cannot see marijuana as a problem or a risk for you, you cannot be able to overcome your addiction.

Marijuana is the number one problem of many countries today. It can greatly affect the lives of people who are addicted to marijuana. It will not only ruin your life but as well as the life of people around you. Do some actions today, before it’s too late to quit.

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