How to Control Arthritis Pain


If you feel pain on your joints, legs and hands, combined with visible swelling on these areas, then you are likely suffering from arthritis pain. This kind of problem may have a lot of contributing factors such as age, improper diet, vitamin deficiency, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits. Arthritis pain can affect your daily activities and you must immediately seek proper medical advice to treat it properly.

Fortunately, there are now many available ways to handle arthritis pain. One remedy which you have to do is to lose weight. Your weight adds extra stress to your joints, which causes your arthritis pain to act up. So be sure to eat the right balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Take more foods rich in vitamins C and D which help repair and build up your bone tissues and also maintaining calcium level in your body.

A good exercise regimen is a must to help control arthritis pain. Exercise keeps your weight down and also helps provide movement to your body parts. You may have to ask some advice from your doctor or health practitioner to give you an exercise routine that would not cause pain and discomfort when doing these exercises. Some basic light walking and stretching are the common exercises that are recommended to start the routine. A good massage also helps relieve some of the pain.

Proper medication is given to help control arthritis pain. Your doctor would be able to give you prescriptions to control pain without side effects. For a quick fix to relieve pain, you can use a heating pad or warm compress on your body parts. A good, warm shower would also help ease the pain. You can also apply some topical medicines like medicated cream, balm or ointment to reduce the pain on your joints.

Try to make use of natural and organic medicines to help alleviate your arthritis. You can use the tea and clay compress which is similar to the hot compress. Just boil some chamomile or lavender tea leaves and combine with French green clay to form a mixture. Place a cloth around your joint, and then apply the clay mixture. Wrap another cloth around it to secure in place. Let it stay for a while until your pain is gone.

Aside from oral medications and topical applications, you can opt to use cortisone injections. This is given by the doctor in case cortisone cream is ineffective to relieve arthritis pain. If the cortisone injection is not enough to relieve you from your pain, then you can ask your doctor to prescribe you immunosuppressive drugs which affect the immune system. The immune system is one of the major factors that cause arthritis pain. These drugs help settle down the immune system, which then results to reduce the pain of your arthritis.

All possible treatments are available for you to use. Only in cases of severe arthritis pain must you consider surgery as your final option. You have to talk to your doctor so you would know how everything will affect your life after surgery. You may need to undergo therapy to completely heal thereafter.

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