Botox Side Effects

Botox is the quick-fix solution for many celebrities and others in the public eye who need to quickly and temporarily lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The process works usually through one or several injections of botulinum toxin – shortened to Botox, which works to plump out the skin and to paralyse muscles in certain areas of the face. This then causes those areas to look smoother, more plump and more fixed in their position.

The quick nature and relative cheapness of Botox injections has meant that they are now gaining popularity with the general public, who see it as a quick way to improve their appearance over a lunch break or evening. While this works, there are several Botox side effects that make this practice a dangerous and vain one.

One of the main Botox side effects is that it paralyses the muscle it is being injected in to, a fact that means it’s also often used to treat muscle spasms and similar conditions. Of course this is actually one of the intended purposes of Botox and one of the ways in which it can turn back the clock. However, while it may make you look younger, it will also look unnatural – with permanently raised eyebrows or a frozen upper lip (taking the expression ‘stiff upper lip’ quite literally). This means that it will be instantly apparent that you’ve had Botox which can be embarrassing and mean you won’t hear whispers of ‘maybe she’s born with it?’, in direct contrast to laser treatment which is more subtle and natural looking.

While this won’t concern everyone looking for a Botox injection, it can become more of a problem if the injection is incorrectly administered, or if the patient moves during the procedure – either of which can lead to a drooping eyelid or crooked smile that the patient will then be stuck with for around six weeks. Again this could be embarrassing, and defeats the original purpose of.

During the injection pressure is applied to prevent bruising and swelling. However this is not always 100% effective, and painful and unsightly swelling and bruising are among the more unpleasant Botox side effects. This again can make it apparent that you’ve had such injections and can defeat any positive aesthetic benefits. It can also make an already painful procedure more uncomfortable and will take 7-10 days to go away.

While these Botox side effects are unpleasant and potentially painful, a far more serious one is that the toxin effects areas other than the site of injection. This is concerning as the injections are often in the face, and as Botox is known to be the most toxic substance known to man. When you consider this fact, it seems unbelievable that people would regularly and willingly inject it into their faces. However, though the potential danger is there, only around 30 deaths have ever been linked to the cosmetic use of Botox making this a fairly rare effect.

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    A very satisfying part of these procedures is the confidence and glow people get after they start feeling better about themselves.

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