How to Prevent Spider Veins


The spider veins, which appear on your arms or legs, are actually veins that have become swollen or weakened due to poor blood circulation in your body. These veins usually appear like web-like, reddish to purplish colors and they typically swell under your skin.

These spider veins can be treated and prevented by simple methods that you have to do in order to get rid of them properly.

The spider veins usually appear on your legs. To help prevent them, you have to make sure that you always make time to exercise your legs. Walking is a good exercise and it helps in proper blood circulation in your legs. Include massage in your daily exercise routine to effectively enhance blood circulation in your body.

Try to avoid standing for long periods of time. If you can’t, then it is better wear clothing that would protect your legs, like a pair of compression stockings. Try to avoid to wearing high heels, as this can put stress on your legs.

Remember to maintain a good posture, even when sitting down. Try to avoid crossing your legs, because it slows down circulation and this position applies more pressure to the inside of your legs, which leads to spider veins. You can slightly elevate your legs by having a small stool that you can place them on while you are sitting. It would also be good to put up your legs when you are lying down, especially at night while at rest. This hastens blood circulation in your legs.

Anything that hampers good blood circulation in your body should be avoided. This means you should avoid smoking, because smoke can travel in your blood stream. You can also wear more clothes that provide enough looseness around your body. Avoid too tight-fitting clothing especially around the legs and waist areas, because doing so would affect circulation along these body areas.

Try to watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid too much salt and fatty food. Eat more vegetables and fruits to provide you with more fiber. Drink plenty of water instead of alcohol, beverages and sodas.

If your spider veins bother you and you experiencing some pain then seek medical options. There is a treatment known as Sclerotherapy, wherein your doctor injects some medication into your veins to relieve the swelling. Positive results can be seen within a few weeks. Other medical options are laser and surgery which may cost more and requires healing time.

Perhaps the main idea here is prevention. You could have avoided having this problem if you have taken care of yourself in the first place. It would be better to start with a healthy lifestyle, maintain it and try to follow through with all the good healthy habits that you know to keep help you fit and healthy as much as possible.

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