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Yoga is a very perfect exercise for children. It helps to promote good health. In addition, it helps to overcome stress that accompanies children in the learning age. Here are some top ten tips that would be helpful in teaching yoga to kids.

1. To motivate the kid to learn yoga, you should initially teach the benefits of yoga before teaching the postures and be a role model to the child by practicing yoga regularly.

2. An important factor which is needed while teaching yoga postures for kids is to remain patient. If the child is very energetic, then make him to do the postures that demand energy rather than simple breathing exercises. Once the child calms, make him do breathing exercises. Do not let them strain too much; they may lose interest if they are too tired.

3. Initially, introduce simple breathing exercises rather than complicated postures. If the child is very young, teach them with fun by saying how the air he is inhaling entering the lungs and driving all the toxins. They will feel interested and will do the inhalation and exhalation appropriately with the same imagination.

4. Once the kid is used to breathing exercises, start introducing simple postures. Use videos or visual charts to teach the postures in a step by step manner. Do not force them to attain the exact position right on day one. A simple yoga posture that children love to learn in the initial days is the elephant posture. Just ask them to bend at the waist and challenge them to touch the ground with their palms. Then, slowly teach them not to bend near the knees. You can select other postures with animal names such as cobra pose, fish, crow and downward-dog pose and such.

5. Do not expect the child to remember all the exercises you taught him. Let them take their own time. To increase their ability to learn, ask them to teach you the exercises they know.

6. As children are very little and will get tired very easily, encourage them to take short breaks after strenuous exercises. It is also essential not to retain any posture for a very long time. Children below the age of six years should not practice any posture for more than a minute and the entire session should not be more than 15 minutes. For children above six years of age, the session can be up to 25 minutes.

7. Children always keep nibbling some food. Make sure that the kid does not eat any food half hour before yoga practice.

8. Before starting the yoga session, make sure to practice certain warm-up exercises. However, warm up should not eat up all the energy of the kid.

9. To encourage the kids, reward them with a small gift, whenever they do correct postures.

10. If the kid is bored to practice with you, involve his friends to make him feel enthusiastic.

By following the simple tips given above, it is very easy to train the child for yoga and give them a gift that is beneficial to them throughout their life.

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