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Medical compression stocking as indicated by the term have medicinal benefits and are also very stylish. It is found that wearing stockings with a certain degree of compression ensures perfect health for your legs. This article provides an overview about medical compression stockings.

A great number of people are suffering from varicose veins. This is characterized by severe pain in the legs. The individual cannot stand for long hours and feels fatigue and dizziness upon standing for longs hours. However, the pain reduces after a short period of rest. Negligence of varicose veins results in reduced flow of blood back to the heart and pools up in the region of the legs. This may lead to a more severe condition, termed as deep vein thrombosis. It is found that the use of medical compression stocking corrects the problem of varicose veins by correcting the venous supply and prevents further damage. You can consider using these stockings upon advice from a medical practitioner. However, make sure to use stockings that are highly comfortable and breathe properly. Otherwise it may lead to skin problems or other problems. These stockings also work for simple venous disorders that are generally seen at the time of pregnancy or after a vein surgery.

Medical compression stockings also play great role in eliminating post-thrombotic syndrome. This is a syndrome that develops after undergoing treatment for deep vein thrombosis. Characteristic symptoms of the syndrome include throbbing pain in the legs, swelling, cramping and numbness, and tingling and itching of the leg that is affected by the syndrome. This is a very common syndrome that develops in one among three patients who have undergone treatment for deep vein thrombosis. The worst part of this syndrome is that it remains for about two years and also darkens and hardens the skin of the leg. Research has shown that this problem can be avoided by using medical compression stockings with below knee compression level of 30-40 mm Hg. These knee compression modern stockings are being recommended to the patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis by physicians.

Medical compression stockings are now available in a variety of brands, styles and colors. You can select the color that matches well with your dress. More commonly available colors include black, white, brown and ivory. They are made with high quality polyesters and synthetic spandex. The beauty of these modern medical stockings is that they are free of latex and are hence, non allergic. Modern medical compression stockings are available in various styles such as knee height, full length and even to serve the needs of pregnant women. High quality medical compression stockings can be found even at a great number of online stores. But before purchasing from online stores, make sure to check reviews about the supplier and the manufacturer. Select the stockings that best fits your needs. Stockings are available at various compression levels such as casual, athletic, sense foot and ultra sheer lines.

By using the modern medical compression stockings you can enjoy health benefits, without sacrificing the style.

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