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Ringworm is a contagious disease. It is a kind of infection that can be found on the body including the scalp. It can spread deep into the skin. You get infected by it through direct skin contact and also using contaminated things like comb, towels and others by a person infected with it. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that can help cure this infection.

You can use raw papaya to treat ringworm. You can either rub some cuts of papaya directly to it or you can make a paste out of the dried papaya seeds to apply on the ringworm. You can also make use of mustard seeds by making a paste out of it then directly applying it to the ringworm. This is effective for ringworm patches that appear on the skin.

A herb known as Butea is also good against ringworm. You can pound the seeds to make a paste and mixed with some lime juice to be applied on the ringworm. The cassia leaves can be pounded to get its juice and can also be applied on the affected skin.

Make use of some natural and organic herbs. Try to extract the juice from some basil leaves and apply this directly to the ringworm. You can extract the juice from turmeric and directly apply over the ringworm. You can also apply coconut oil to your ringworm because it has healing properties against infections. Try applying tea tree oil as well since it also has components against skin diseases similar to ringworm. To further avoid spreading the ringworm on your skin try to apply some sulphur to the area surrounding it to prevent irritation and scratching.

Raw vegetable juices like carrots and spinach work well against the ringworm. Make about 300ml of carrot juice and about 200ml of spinach juice and you can drink this to prevent ringworm infection on you. If you already have ringworm on your body, try to maintain a fruit diet for 5 days. You can drink freshly made juices from different fruits like papayas, apples and pineapple with five-hour intervals in between. This effectively cleanses the body of toxins. After five days you can eat steamed or raw vegetables then add milk to your diet.

It would also be good if you always maintain clean personal hygiene for yourself. Avoid borrowing other people’s things because you’ll never know what germs you can get from using their things. Keep your skin moisturized always because dry skin can cause unnecessary skin disorders. Remember to follow through with a good healthy diet that would keep your body well-nourished. Keep your surroundings clean to prevent bacteria and germs from settling in. If your ringworm does not heal well enough, seek proper medical advice from your doctor to cure it once and for all.

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