Make-Up Application Tips for Women Over 40


As we grow older and older, the requirements for making us look good keep changing. It is a good practice to keep reviewing our beauty requirements in order to maintain a healthy skin and a matured glowing appearance.

The color and texture of skin keeps changing and hence, if you need to maintain your skin, hair and the external body parts, you need to step back and look at what kind of make-up suits your skin, your face and your age! With the enormous range of products, it is not too difficult these days to reach ‘the perfect look’ that you really deserve.

Many women think that once they cross the age of 40, their make-up should be just plain and not too decked up. This is not true in every case. Elegance comes along with the right blend of colors as well as the way you carry yourself. By trying to look young, you cannot afford to tamper with your maturity that comes with age.

The make-up may look better if you tone down the shades and make slight changes to your hair style. You need to take into account your features, the skin aging process and the color of your hair before deciding what suits you currently. Grey hair and pale skin requires more definition through matured make-up tips.

Keep your lips and skin moist. It would instantly make you look younger. Hence, thoroughly moisturizing your face at least once a day is an absolute must. You may have to even change the moisturizer that you were using for years as your skin health has changed considerably. Make sure that you do not feel greasy once you apply the moisturizer.

If you have a dry skin, avoid using dry powders or heavy make-up. This would actually increase dryness further. In addition, your skin would have a matte finish and it may spoil your appearance. Use very light make-up on your skin and avoid using too much foundation if possible. You may use tinted moisturizer to improve the glow.

If you have grey hair, the tinted moisturizer you choose should complement your skin color. You may color your hair but it is better to avoid trendy colors as it may not choose your age and look once you are over 40 years.

Consult a make-up artist and learn some simple make-up tricks to suit your features. You can make your job of applying make-up easier by investing on some simple make-up brushes which would help you apply it uniformly as well as control the amount of make-up you apply.

Some of the lifestyle habits really help. For example, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid excessive high-sugar, high calorie, oily and fatty intake in order to keep the oil levels on your skin in balance.

The most important tip would be to never create a camouflaged look to hide who you really are. This would boost your self confidence and morale and make you feel good about yourself.

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