Causes of Ankle Edema

Ankle edema is an unnatural accumulation of fluid in the body cells of the ankle. This swelling can also go up to the foot and legs. The reason behind swollen ankles can differ from a dietary habit to a disease infecting the body parts or because of an injury. The fluid accumulates inside the joint of the ankle or in the soft tissue that surrounds the ankle. This is a common disorder that affects people from different phases of life and of any age group. Some of the common symptoms of ankle edema include pain in ankles, difficulty in walking, weight gain, increased frequency of urination and headache.

Knowing the reason behind ankle edema is not only important for the correct diagnosis but also for the best treatment that can be given for getting relief from the discomfort that is caused by the edema. Some of the most common causes behind ankle edema include:

• Gout is a disorder that is caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the fluid of the ankle. This is a painful inflammation that leads to a lot of discomfort. Uric acid is a substance produced in the process of digestion and helps the body to get rid of the waste matter.

• Ankle arthritis is one of the other main causes behind ankle edema. This occurs when the joint between the shin and anklebone wears out. This is seen in patients that are overweight or have rheumatoid arthritis or have suffered an injury in the ankle joint.

• Any infection in the surrounding of the soft tissue of the ankle joint can lead to swelling and pain in the ankle.

• Any kind of abnormal blood flow can hamper the normal blood circulation of the body and can result in swelling around the ankle. A blood clot can cause vascular obstruction in the legs that can lead to swelling of the ankles. If this swelling is not treated it can spread to the legs also.

• Another reason can be peripheral edema that can be a result of a circulation problem and can affect both the legs. This can result in swelling of ankles because of pregnancy, age, pressure on the legs, and overweight and also varicose veins.

• The body is self-sufficient to maintain the level of water in the body and remove the excess from the body. But, this ability of the body fails at times because of increased salt intake, pregnancy, alcohol consumption and decreased sweating. The fluid gets collected in the ankle joints and lead to edema.

• Ankle tendonitis is also another common factor behind ankle edema. Any injury that affects the tendon of the ankle can result in the swelling of the ankle joint and also severe pain.

• Excessive use of laxatives can also cause swollen ankles.

• Any injury that causes a trauma in the ankle like sprain, fracture or stress can also result in swelling of the ankle.

It is important to know the right cause behind any kind of ankle edema so that the right treatment can be administered.


  1. I'm type 11 diabetic, my blood sugars are very good-5.7, yet my ankle swells up for no apparent reason, l do have left ventricle septum defect, why does my right foot swell up, that l can barely walk.

  2. I am a 75yo male who has a moderate case of emphysema. I take 2 puffs of AdVair in the am and pm. Seems as though when I started this program, nearly 3 years ago, I would develop thrush quite often. (usually about once every 4-6 weeks) My lung doctors nurse told me some 3 months ago to use salt water to rinse with, rather than just plain old water. I've been doing so after every treatment with my inhaler. My son is an firefighter/emt and about 3 or 4 weeks ago he happened to notice my ankles were a tad bit swollen. Since said time, they have gotten a bit worse which has pissed me off to no end. Anyway, I did a search and here I am on your website and low and behold I may have found the answer in this article, as it pertains to salt intake even though I spit out the rinse. Sooooo, first of all I intend to put your website in my favorites list and secondly, can anyone on your staff make a recommendation as to what rinse method I can use to take the place of salt water? Would appreciate any assistance you may offer me. Thanks for your time and thanks for the above article! Very enlightening!

    R.D. Oxford
    GJT, CO

  3. I had knee surgery and the nerve was damage in my leg

  4. Very informative

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