How Pedicures Work

Pedicures are defined as the healthy and caring procedure of treating your feet. Your feet are a major part of your body. You shouldn’t forget that these bear your load and stress whole day long. You perform locomotion and transport with them and when it comes to wearing nice shoes and heels, they just have to look beautiful instead of dull, dead and unattractive. For the beautification of your feet, you should get a pedicure which is most commonly known as a foot massage as well.

Pedicures define and discover your feet in the prettiest way possible. These are the source of relaxation and calmness for your feet. Your feet will have a sparkling look which will be the perfect joy for the sandals or shoes you will be wearing. Now you don’t have to worry about rotting foot heels and dry nails. You can get them polished and serviced within no time through a pedicure! Pedicure is scientifically termed as foot reflexology which is not only advantageous for the feet but for the overall body as well.

You can carry out a pedicure in whichever manner you want. Traditionally, people used to have hot stones and marbles for the purpose because they were comforting and tempting but these days, unique creams and lotions have altered the techniques. You can use the kinds and forms that have a rejuvenating and renovating effect on the skin of your feet for instance, mint and lavender.

Carrying out a pedicure is not difficult at all. You would need a towel for drying purposes, cotton balls for application of creams and lotions, cuticle brushes and softener, lotions or creams of course, orange wood sticks, nail clippers, foot bath, antibacterial soap or cleanser for cleaning purposes and in the end, methanol in order to remove the former nail polish or shiner stains.

You can begin with the pedicure by removing the old, dried out nail polish with methanol or any of the nail polish removers. Then, slip the nails at the areas you feel necessary and file them in square, oblong or any shape you like. Soak your feet in warm water which contains liquid soap or cleanser scrubbing the feet gently to slough off the dead skin. Buffing your cuticles is the next step which is followed by the massage generally with a moisturizing lotion or cream.

Once you are done with the lotion application dry your feet and apply suitable nail colors to add a spice and compliment to the nails.

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