Natural pain relief or home remedies are sought after by many individuals who are suffering from gum pains because it is very accessible and can eliminate pain right away. Pain is such a daunting experience for many people especially the pain coming from the gums. Gum pains can happen any time without early warning. Usually, gum pain last for hours and can give any individual a hard time if doesn’t treated right away.

One of the most common causes of gum pain is bleeding gum. This might happen if there is an infection on the gum itself or within the teeth. People who suffer from gum pain can have a quick relief by using natural remedies. Here is some of the most common natural remedy that you can find right through your own home.

• People suffering from gum pain can always used garlic. Garlic is the most common ingredient that people can found in their kitchen. Prepare herbal mixture using garlic. All you have to do is to peel the garlic and minced it by using a knife and place it around your painful gums. This type of natural remedy can be use to ease the pain of your gum right away. This is the easiest way to eliminate pain when you are suffering from gum infection or tooth infection.

• The next one is onion. Onion is also one of the most important elements that people use for everyday cooking but it can also be use as a natural remedy for gum pain. Many studies have shown that onion has antibacterial component that can help eliminate bacteria that are sometimes brought about by gum and tooth infection. It has been proven that if one person consumes one onion each day by mastication, they will eliminate the occurrence of having gum pain. People suffering from gum pain should chew a raw onion for three minutes to eliminate all bacteria around the gum and into the whole mouth.

• If you are suffering from extreme gum pain and you cannot sleep at night because of its pain you can have vanilla extract. Gargle a pure vanilla extract throughout the mouth to relief you from extreme pain. These extract will help give the gum a numbness that would quickly relief you from pain.

• Tea tree oil has long been use to eliminate any pain in mouth especially gum pain. To apply tea tree oil extract you have to use cotton to rub around the painful part of the gum. This oil does really help in eliminating the pain easily even though it doesn’t taste good at all.

• Another very natural treatment for gum pain is the use of cloves. It can also help in stopping the spread of bacteria in your gum that might cause infection and extreme pain.

• The last one is the lime extract. Lime is very rich in vitamin C. This is useful in maintaining overall oral health inside the mouth thus reducing the occurrence of gum pain.

People suffering from gum pain don’t have to suffer too much because there are a lot of natural remedies that can target the problem right away.


  1. Mr.Eldorado Endowed

    These health tips are really one in a million, I really appreciate them. Keep doing the good work!

  2. My gums were so red, bleeding and throbbing with pain. Painkillers wouldn't help. I used the cloves, garlic, vanilla
    extract and true enough pain relief. (My teeth were hurting and hard to open my mouth). Thank you…

  3. The number one pain relief for gum pain or tooth pain is activated charcoal. Just make a past, put it on the tooth or gum, go to bed and you'll never have a problem again.

  4. Extremely useful information to relieve gum pain. My very great thanks to the author of this article.

  5. Vanilla extract worked great, tastes good. Very helpful article.

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